Minimalist Intermedia 

Women's footwear that meets some minimalist properties. Suitable for a gradual transition to the form of minimalist running, barefoot or natural.

  • Anatomical last: maintains linearity of the big toe and wide toebox
  • Without lateral reinforcements or arch support
  • Medium-high flexibility
  • They have a midsole that provides more protection and certain ...
  • On Road
    On Road

    The intermediate minimalist transition shoes on road for women are the shoes that have drop greater than 0 mm and are the ones that best adapt to running or moving on flat surfaces, hard and without many irregularities. The sole has a uniform pattern and does not have studs. Among the main brands that manufacture intermediate minimalist footwear on the road are: Merrell and New Balance

  • Trail

    The minimalist intermediate or transitional trail womens shoes are the best prepared shoes to run or move around the mountain or irregular surfaces, with many stones, mud or snow. Within the transitional or intermediate minimalist shoes are those that have greater thickness of sole to offer greater protection and the sole have studs to promote grip. The rest of minimalist features are what a minimalist footwear must meet: high flexibility, wide toebox, drop of 4-3 millimeters, light weight and without control systems of the tread. The main brands that manufacture intermediate or transitional minimalist footwear for off road or trail are: Inov-8, Merrell and New Balance Minimus.

  • Fitness & Trainning
    Fitness & Trainning

    The best selection of Intermediate Women's Minimalist Shoes for the practice of Fitness in all its disciplines: cxworx®, bosu, bodyjam, TRX, CrossFit®, BodyPump®, Juraki®, Power-Jump®, Functional Training, Aerobox, BodyVive®, Tae-Bo, Zumba®, Stretching, Step, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga and Fitball.

    If you do not want to go directly to the pure minimalist footwear, you can try with the intermediate shoes, ideal for a proper transition for the strengthening of your feet.

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    Out of stock
    Drop 0/Peso 170g/Altura Suela 13mm. Las New Balance WX811 son unas zapatillas minimalistas intermedias con una estética inspirada en los métodos de taping de  quinesiología. Son unas zapatillas de bajo perfil, buscando una pisada más natural y la introducción paulatina en el minimalismo. Sólo tiene 4 mm de drop. Elegancia y confort para practicar...
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    Drop 4/Peso 197g/Altura Suela 15 mm. La New Balance MT10 versión 4 ha sido rediseñada para convertise en una auténtica minimalista de trail. Aumenta el taqueado de la suela y la protección frente a la montaña, y mantiene el drop y un bajo peso. Destaca su excelente flexibilidad y una suela agresiva para los terrenos más abruptos.
  • 44,50 € 89,00 € -50% Product available with different options

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    Drop 4/Peso 207g/Grosor Suela 18mm. Merrell Trail Crusher es una zapatilla minimalista de transición muy polivalente gracias al dibujo de su suela. Se puede utilizar desde el asfalto a la montaña. Es flexible, ligera y de bajo perfil. Posee bandas reflectantes que aumenta la visibilidad del corredor. Unifica protección y propriocepción gracias a la...
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    Color :  ice  Black  Black/Metallic Lilac  Paloma 

    Drop 0 / Weight 194g /Stack Height 14,2 mm The Merrell Bare Access Flex is the new update of the Bare Access. They are an intermediate minimalist shoe but more versatile shoe thanks to its new M Select GRIP+ outsole. They are drop zero, very flexible, with an anatomical last and with more protection than the Bare Access 4. Indicated on wet or dry trails...
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    Reduced price!

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    Drop 4/Weight 181g/Stack Height 11mm. New Balance re-launches its most lavish minimalist sneaker and shows it more attractive than ever. The Minimus WT10 v1 retains all the essence of minimalism and its strong point remains its versatility, a shoe for any terrain and circumstance.
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    Color :  navy  Aqua 

    Drop 0/Weight 198g/Stack Height 14,2 mm. In this 3D knit runner, you'll experience ultimate adaptability, comfort, and ground connection on the trail, road, and beyond. They are drop zero, very flexible, with an anatomical last and with more protection than the Bare Access 4. Indicated on wet or dry trails and road.
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    Color :  Sequoia  Redwood  Sage 

    Drop 4/Weight 330g/Stack Height forefoot 17 mm If you're looking for a pair of minimalist hiking shoes that can do it all, the Trailhead is the answer to your every move. Comprised of microfiber and air mesh, with a full-length rubber outsole, these lightweight vegan friendly trail shoes are equipped to take on the trail and tackle the city streets, all...
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    Drop 0 / Weight 210g /Stack Height 14,2 mm. Merrell incorporates new materials in Bare Access Flex, with a new upper part of E-Mesh fabric with which it will experience great adaptability and breathability. They are a very versatile intermediate minimalist shoes, for asphalt, roads and soft trail. 100% vegan
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    Color :  Black  Neon Vapor  Hypernature 

    Drop 0 / Weight 210g /Stack Height 14,2 mm The Merrell Bare Access Flex Shield are the waterproof shoes for those who seek to make the transition or more protection. They are very versatile thanks to the M Select ™ GRIP + sole, flat or drop 0, very flexible, with anatomical last and with more protection than the Bare Access 4. Indicated for asphalt, roads...
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    Color :  navy 

    Drop 0 / Weight 210g /Stack Height 14,2 mm The Merrell Bare Access Flex 2 is the new update of Merrell's minimalist intermediate shoe to make the transition, with great changes that improve its predecessor. They are flat, light, very flexible and are indicated for asphalt, roads and light trails.
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