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The Altra Running shoe stands out for its wide last for a correct expansion of the fingers, drop 0 and thickness of sole adapted to the taste of each run according to more or less protection. Recommended for those who begin their first steps in the transition to minimalism and / or for those minimalist runners who want some protection over long distances.

Traditional running shoes have pointed toe boxes that pull the toes out of their natural position, increasing the risk of bunions, hammertoes and plantar fasciitis. The Altra FootShape ™ foot shoe allows the fingers to relax and extend naturally and for the big toe to remain in a straight position. This improves stability and creates a powerful takeoff to maximize performance performance. We would like to call it a scientific breakthrough, but we are simply giving your foot the working space you need.


    · Keeps the big toe straight for greater stability and a stronger foot
    · Allow fingers to relax and extend naturally
    · Allow foot to naturally stabilize excess pronation

Each Altra shoe features a fully padded Zero Drop ™ platform that places the heel and forefoot at the same distance from the ground. This natural balance aligns the feet, back and body posture for less impact. It also strengthens the muscles, Achilles tendon and lower calf that have been weakened during a lifetime of running in high heels.


    · The heel and the toe are at the same distance from the ground.
    · Promotes the appropriate way to reduce the initial impact of 3 to 5 times
    · Natural load of Achilles for a better propulsion.
    · The 1 to 1 ratio naturally aligns the posture of the foot, back and body
    · Fosters a better career technique.

  • 115,00 € 130,00 € -15,00 € 10 days
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    Talla :  41  42  43  44 

    Color :  Black 

    Drop 0 / Weight 274g / Stack Height 21mm The Altra Superior 4 is an intermediate minimalist shoe with excellent protection for running or walking through rugged terrain, difficult roads and mountains. They are totally flat and with great space for the toes.
  • 99,00 € 115,00 € -16,00 € 10 days
    Reduced price!

    Talla :  41,5 

    Color :  red 

    Drop 0 / Weight 110g / Stack Height 14mm The Altra Vanish-R is a very light minimalist shoe to run on road and city. They are zero drop, with great space for the toes and 14 mm of sole, a perfect combination between comfort, protection and feeling of the floor.
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