Proprioception work with pielaster, by Nerea Martínez

Proprioception work with pielaster, by Nerea Martínez

We leave the link to an interesting article published by Nerea Martínez in carrerasdemontana.com in which he talks about what is proprioception, its benefits and how to develop it with unstable platforms.

Specifically, with pielaster, a very versatile unstable platform, as it develops both feet separately, has a wide range of motion and above, occupies little in the closet.

Here we leave the article: Propioception: Exercises and Material, by Nerea Martínez. Pielaster analysis to rehabilitate and / or strengthen ankles

But who is Nerea Martinez? - Elite ultratrail runner from the Salomon Running team - Physiotherapist and ostéopata. - 10th in the TNT UTMB 100 of 2012 - 1st Ultra trail Mt. Fuji of 2012 - 2nd UTMB of 2011 - 2nd Cavalls of the Vent of 2011 - ...

We hope you like it.

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