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4.Bare is the other minimalist footwear line of the Polish brand Bar3foot. This new brand was born in 2024 and brings a new minimalist catalog for women.

All their designs are completely flat (drop 0), foot-shaped and completely flexible and thin soles.

The company currently employs 230 people. It produces shoes in production halls with a total area of approximately 8,000 m2 . The production potential is around 6,000 pairs per day.

The company has sewing rooms mostly equipped with computer-controlled machines, its own multi-head embroidery plants, sublimation printing presses...

The company has its own construction and design office, which prepares several dozen new designs a year.

In collaboration with the Leather Industry Institute, a footwear production programme is implemented to ensure the correct development and functioning of the feet under the name "Healthy Foot".

About 80 models of footwear produced by the company were given this name. Several of the company's products are certified by the Pirmasens eV Research Institute (PFI), which allows them to enter the EU market.

In 2018, it implemented a project worth PLN 8,282,230 entitled "Implementation of innovative technology for the production of lightweight children's sports footwear that ensures greater comfort and proper foot development".

In 2010-2016, the company was awarded many times in competitions for "Efficient Company".

The company MB produces under its own brands "3F" and "BAR3FOOT" and "4.BARE".

All shoes are made with direct injection technology without the use of solvents and adhesives, both for joining the bottom with the upper of the shoe (upper) and for the production of the upper itself.


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