Changes, Returns and Claims

1. National Changes (inside the Iberian Peninsula)

2. International Changes (outside the Iberian Peninsula)

1. National Changes of size/model (inside the Iberian Peninsula: Spain&Portugal)

If you need to change size and / or model, ZaMi has a fast and efficient system where you do not have to worry about anything. We pick up your shoes, check them and in 24-48h we will send you a new pair if everything is correct.

  • This service is free if you activated the Size / Model Change Insurance for 1.99 € during the purchase process. Otherwise, the service would cost € 8.95.
  • This Insurance is valid only for the first change of size / model of each new order. The second change has a cost of 8.95 and € 15 the third and successive.
  • If you did not activate the Insurance, you can acquire it before we send you the ‘sent order’ email. It is not possible to acquire this insurance later; It had to be purchased at the first purchase.
  • If you have just made your first order and you forgot to activate it, you can acquire it by clicking here.
  • To make any exchange the product must be in perfect condition and must not have been used.
  • The insurance does not cover returns. It is only for size and model changes.

To start the change follow the these steps:

Step # 1: Make a new order with the new size or model.

In the 'Message' section of the order, write 'Change of size' and indicate the day and time schedule (morning or afternoon) when the courier company will go to pick up the shoes. It is not possible to pick up the shoes on the same day that a size or model change is requested.

Step # 2: Choose change of size and / or model option

You do not have to pay anything if you activated in the last order the Size and / or Model Change Insurance. If you did not activate it, you will have to pay € 8.95. This amount and any difference for model change (higher price) could be paid by the method you prefer at the end of this process.

Step # 3: Select the shoe (s) you want to change

Click on the box selecting the shoe (s) you want to change and click «Request change of this product». Then press the "Finish" button.

Step # 3.1: Select between the options

Press the "Continue" button if you had the size/model change insurance (the amount on the screen will be 0€). Or laso if there is any quantity to return to you. If in the screen appears any amount to pay (because if a change for a higher price model or you did not have size/model change insurance) choose the payment method you like to do it.

Step # 4: Prepare the shoes you want to change

The shoes could not be used and must be returned in its original box in perfect condition and with all the labels, insoles, laces, etc.

Step # 5: Insert the box inside a plastic bag

If you return more than 1 box, put them into a single plastic box or wrap to make a unic package.

Step # 6: Give the box to the carrier

There is no necesity to put any label or address on the bag. The messenger will put it on when he/she pick it up.

Step # 7: If you have changed from a shoe model to a cheaper one

ZaMi will return the money (on Fridays of each week) for the same payment method with which the initial payment was made.

For any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us through the following link with the subject: Change of size and / or model.

*For the change of size in the Canary Islands, Baleares, Ceuta and Melilla, the way of proceeding is different. Shipments are made through Certified Mail.

*Size Change Insurance can only be used once per order.

*Size Change Insurance is not valid for international, Canarias, Baleares, Ceuta and Melilla shipments.

ZaMi will not be responsible for any fee or tax for the return or change of size.

Discontinuance/Returns (Inside Spain and Balearic Island)

In case the buyer wants to give up his order (*), he can execute within a maximum period of 14 working days from the reception of his order, with the simple notification of his will in the following link to the subject: Customer Service.

We send you a label by email so you can print it or show it on your mobile at your local Post Office. With this label you would only have to deliver the package (properly packed) to that office. From the total to be reimbursed for the returned shoes, we will deduct € 8.95 for this labeling service. If you had the size / model insurance and you didn't use it, it would be 7€.

(*) In order for the return to be correct, the shoes have not been used and must be returned in its original box in perfect condition and with all the labels. If it has any type of wear the return would be null.

The Administration Department makes the refund on the Friday of each week, by the same medium for which the order was made. Returns of payments made by card may suffer delays caused by the issuer of the card. Please contact your organization to update the card and reflect the refund.

ZaMi will not be responsible for any fee or tax for the return or change of size.

2. International Changing size & model (outside Spain and Portugal. Outside Peninsula)

The Size / Model Change Insurance is not valid for international shipments.

If you need change size or model, the first thing is shoes have not been used. Then, please, follow the next steps:

1. Place a new order with the new size/model in our web.

  • Inside the shopping cart, in the first step, write in the message field 'Size change' or 'Model change'.
  • Continue the steps and reach the last one (payment method step).
  • Choose as mode of payment «Bank wire payment» and finish the steps*.
  • **You don't have to pay again the shoes. Just the 'shipping cost' of the delivery option you have choose.

2. Return to us the other shoes*. 

Package or wrap the shoes. They have to be returned in their original box in perfect conditions with all the labels, soles, laces, ... to the next address: Ask here to Customer Service to know the address.

Once we receive and check the shoes are in perfect conditions and the payment of this new shipping cost has been made (bank wire o paypal.me/zamies), we will send you the new pair(s) you have chosen. *We don't refund the shipping cost of the return.

If the new shoe model to change is cheaper than the old one, we will refund you the difference by the same payment method you used.

If the new shoe model to change is more expensive than the old, you have to pay the difference between them, and the new 'shipping costs' (bank wire o paypal.me/zamies).

ZaMi will not be responsible for any fee or tax for the return or change of size.


If you want to return the order, you can execute your right of return within a maximum period of 30 working days from receipt of your order, with a simple notification of your will in the following link: Customer service.

The product must be in perfect condition and unused.

The return shipping costs will be paid by the customer. We advise you to protect your items in the best way possible because you will be responsible for any damages they suffered during the transport. We refund only the price of the shoes / products inside the order. We do not refund the shipping costs of the order.

ZaMi will not be responsible for any fee or tax for the return or change of size.

Complaint forms

Any claim can be made at the following link: Customer service.