To make an order

To make an order is necessary to add the items you want in the 'shopping cart'. To make the payment, it is very important to fill out the form with your personal data. Then, you have to click on the 'continue' button. If you do not find the item you wish do not hesitate to ask:

  • Email: clientes@zami.es
  • Tlfo: 693 714 444 (from 9 to 17h)
  • Our specialists are at your disposal in everything related to the world of minimalist shoes and athletics.

The prices indicated below of each product are totals. Only have to add shipping costs specified for each destination and transport option chosen. The prices are reflected in euros. Prices and exposed conditions are valid at each moment and validity only in the open session. In the order confirmation information, clearly they specify the prices for each of the selected items and the 'sending cost' applied to the operation, before the buyer accepts the transaction.

You can also visit us in our physical point in Seville. For more specialized atention call before coming.

  • C / Antonia Diaz, 14, G
  • 41620 Marchena (Sevilla) Spain

Payment Methods

Wire transfer

If you choose this payment system, to confirm your order data which make the transfer on behalf of Zami appear. In the concept of the transfer put the number of your order, and realized the transfer before 5 days from the date of purchase. Recommend shipping to accelerate the transfer receipt is sent by email to clientes@zami.es

Cards credit or debit

Zami also offers the possibility to pay with bank cards with maximum safety. You can make payments of your purchases in seconds.


Only available for international payments (not available in Spain and Portugal). Paypal is a simple and secure way to pay online. that allows you to pay, but you must first have a registered paypal user. registered with paypal. Learn more about paypal.

Is it safe to use my paypal account or my credit card on the website of Zami?

If the data is encrypted form trasnmiten SSL.

Delivery Order

To facilitate delivery is important to have the shipping address as COMPLETE as possible.

Put an address were you or a person can stay the most of the time of the day: your address, your job address, your family address, a friend address, etc.

1. Orders are delivered to the address designated by the purchaser, therefore Zami assumes no liability if delivery can not be made as a result of the data provided inaccurate or incomplete.
In this case, if the parcel for this reason is returned to us, is necessary to pay again the shipping cost to resend the parcel.
2. Zami also assumes no liability if delivery can not be accomplished by the absence of the recipient. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Zami take the required measures to a diligent trader for delivery can be effected as soon as possible to the satisfaction of both the sender and recipient. Deliveries in hospitals, government agencies and other properties where there are restrictions on access to the general public, Zami does not guarantee that it is made directly to the recipient, being fulfilled the order and released from liability when the order is placed available to the recipient at the reception or place that acts as access control.
In this case as well, if the parcel for this reason is returned to us, is necessary to pay again the shipping cost to resend the parcel.

In both previous cases, if you do not want we resend the parcel to you, the refund will be the value of the shoes/items of the order. The shipping costs will be not refunded.

Zami guarantees delivery of orders with the deadlines specified in the relevant section of the web since they are shipped, given the transportation system and the destination chosen by the buyer. On Saturdays, Sundays and holidays there is no pick-up and delivery orders, a fact which should be taken into account in calculating delivery dates. In periods where there are special circumstances (special dates such as Christmas, transport strikes, extraordinary events ...), deliveries may suffer some delay.

For all orders whatever their destination, Zami not guarantee deliveries at specific and concrete hours. If the purchaser indicates a specific delivery date, or within, a preference for a particular time slot, it means making it as a guide. Zami or must communicate this fact to the carrier so that, as far as possible, it fits this indication, assume any other obligation or liability.

Calculate delivery times: Always keep in mind that on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, do not have the ability to process, collect or deliver orders.

Our delivery system and return policy guarantees that what you get answers quite what you expected. We are open to any questions, suggestions and questions you want to ask, through clientes@zami.es or 693 714 444 (from 9 to 17h).

I have a code or discount from brands that are in ZaMi catalog, can I use it in Zami?

Only codes or offers provided by ZaMi are applicable (and valid) in ZaMi. If you have received a code or offer not provided from ZaMi, that code or offer is only applicable to purchases in the website of the brand/company that provided it to you. The offers or promotions that other brands offer on their websites are also not applicable: trial times, return conditions, etc.