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Luna Sandals is the genuine brand of sandals type huaraches. They are high quality minimalist sandals with unique and differentiable elements. They have exclusive design soles and their adjustment system simulates the tie that the Tarahumara use, but with an easy and simple system. They have huaraches to run by mountain, asphalt or cross country. Luna Sandals Mono, Luna Sandals Oso, Luna Sandals Venado, LunaSandals Origen, LunaSandals Brujita ....

As chronicled in Christopher McDougall’s bestselling book, Born To Run, LUNA’s founder Barefoot Ted traveled to the Copper Canyons of Mexico in 2006 to run a 50-mile ultra marathon. There, Barefoot Ted was befriended by Manuel Luna, a legendary Tarahumara runner. Manuel made him his first pair of traditional tire “huarache” sandals. The spark for LUNA Sandals was born.

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    Drop 0/Weight 113g/Stack Height 8mm. This high-quality leather sandal is made to be strong enough to handle the needs of the toughest ladies yet elegant enough to be worn out-on-the-town in a dress. No small feat. Combine both qualities and you have a Brujita. All Brujitas will come with turquoise tassels by default and will also include 4 other bright...
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    Drop 0/Weight 167g/Stack Height 15 mm  The Mono 2.0 is our do everything, go everywhere adventure sandal. Whether you’re hiking, traveling, lounging, camping, running, spelunking, or anything else-ing, this is your go-to footwear.Vegans.
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    Drop 0/Weight 206g/Stack Height 15 mm  Luna Mono Chocolate, also known as "Chocolate Monkey" is the most luxurious sandal of Luna Sandals. Made with soft, supple premium American buffalo leather and hand-cut buffalo laces, the Mono Chocolate combines tradition, style and comfort.
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    Drop 0/Weight 240g/Stack Height 13 mm  True to Luna's roots, the Origen 2.0 uses an upcycled tire tread as the outsole and a Vibram midsole, creating an earth friendly, ultra-durable, and ruggedly comfortable platform to launch you out into the world, ready for nearly any urban or trail adventure.
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    Drop 0/Weight 235g/Stack Height 10 mm  Rooted in the Mexican leather-topped, tire-treaded tradition of huarache sandals, The LUNA Origen Flaco, "Skinny Origen", is a thin-yet-rugged sandal for those who want the perfect blend of tradition, style, quality and robustness.
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    Drop 0/Weight 255g/Stack Height 17,5 mm  Having honed the art of crafting trail sandals for years, we’ve combined all the best qualities into the Oso 2.0. It’s super aggressive, flexible, durable, grippy, and comfortable. From the epic and gnarly to the mellow and easy, the Oso 2.0 will keep you securely planted to the world in whatever terrain you find...
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    Drop 0/Weight 204g/Stack Height 11,5 mm  Take the Oso 2.0 and shave it down to its “bear” essentials and you have the Oso Flaco (“Skinny Bear” in Spanish). This sandal is for those who want the most aggressive tread pattern for crazy grip, but also want super flexibility and full ground feel. Vegans.
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    Drop 0/Weight 124g/Stack Height 9 mm  The Venado 2.0 (Original Luna) represents the best fruits of our experiences and experiments with old-school footwear and gleanings from insights that we have gathered from both our ancestors and our customers. LUNA Venado 2.0 is lightweight, comfortable, and has excellent ground feel. This sandal is great for running...
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