How to choose the right shoe size

In the following video we show you how to choose the correct size of barefoot footwear, huaraches and Vibram FiveFingers.

To choose the size of your shoes you simply have to enter the measurement of your feet in the tool called 'Calibrador' that ZaMi has created to help you find the right fit. Follow these steps:

  • Inside our shoes pages you will find a 'calibrator button'
  • Enter the measure on the 'calibrator button' you'll find in orange. By clicking this button, an infographic will be displayed with 4 steps.
  • To measure, you have to put the back of your heel against the wall perpendicularly and make a mark on the ground with a pencil to the longest toe.

Shoe Size

  • You must be aware that this tool does not represent a full guarantee because it can not consider all possible forms of the foot. Since the foot is three-dimensional, any two-dimensional measuring tool, such as a ruler or Calibrador ZaMi®, can only approximate your true shoe size. Manufacturers model their shoes on different foot shapes, so sizing may vary accordingly. In Zami you have 30 days to change the size of your shoes.
  • See our system for changing size. Remember that Zami ensure their change size and /or model.

How to find the right fit for minimalist shoes

When choosing the size of the shoe must abandon the classical idea that shoes should fit snugly at the foot along its entire length. In minimalist shoes this makes no sense, because the shoes lack the ineffective systems of control pronation and all that prevents the natural movement of the foot is removed. The correct setting is one that allows the natural expansion of the foot and the same movement as if you were barefoot. In addition, a shoe with an inadequate size and last is the source of many problems, like black nails, or bunion "hallus valgux". Feet are wider at the front than the heel, so the shoes have to respect that anatomy.

  • Note that each brand has a different size and shape, so we must abandon the idea of the size of shoe and focus on a standing height. So the first thing to know is how we measured the feet, and to have like reference the measurement of our longest foot.
  • When we apply the weight of the body on our foot, it 'grows' in length. This space is already considered in the tool, called 'Calibrador', which you will find next to the size selector of the footwear in question.
  • The foot width also affected about 15% when a weight fo the body is applied on it.
  • If you are going to wear socks note that the length of your foot will be increased in about 2-3 mm.
  • Minimalist shoes have the same shape independently of if we are male or female. If you can not find your size in the man category, you can find it in the woman, and viceversa. The same happen for children with foot size next to woman foot size. That is, a child with size 36 can found shoes in the women category.

Choose size minimalist shoesFor the specific case of Vibram FiveFingers shoes, the foot can be tight to the shoe, because in these shoes fingers is housed in a different compartment and allows the natural expansion of the foot.

How to find the right fit of Vibram Fivefingers

  • These shoes, unlike the rest of minimalist shoes, should be adjusted, but the fingers can not be shaped like a 'curved claw'. In this case you need a larger size.
  • If the fingers are slightly adjusted, this shoes are fine to you. Note that the sole has some elastic properties, as the part of the fingers. We recommend you to wear them on for 5-10 minutes so your feet can fit before making a decision.
  • If you own Greek finger (the 2nd longest toe) foot measurement must be performed with respect to said finger.
  • If your feet have different size, you must choose the size of the shoes to the larger foot. To offset the difference in length you can use your toes socks to the smallest foot.

How to find the right fit of huarache or minimalist sandals

  • Adjusting minimalist sandals is easy and simple, but it takes a little time at first. In addition, the setting is fully customizable, this ensures that the sandals are affixed properly to the foot.
  • The first days of use you will have to go making small adjustments to the straps until to find the appropriate measures. But once these first days pass, the sole molds to the shape of your foot and straps have a custom fit too, making your sandals, fully customized for you.
  • To adjust minimalist sandals Pies Sucios. It is very important that the side buckles fit close to the sandal, otherwise the straps will loosen. We also recommend see the following tutorial on setting Pies Sucios sandals on blogdelrunner.com

How to tie the shoes correctly

The tying of the shoes is one of the most important aspect if we talk about trail shoes. In these cases, the fit of the shoes to the foot should be maximized so that the foot does not move inside the shoes, that way we will avoid from a minor problem such as black nails, to a possible sprain due to poor support. To explain how to maximize the tying of the trail shoes we have prepared the following video:

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