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The best selection of Pure Minimalist Women's Shoes for fitness practice in all its disciplines: cxworx®, bosu, bodyjam, TRX, CrossFit®, BodyPump®, Juraki®, Power-Jump®, Functional Training, Aerobox, BodyVive®, Tae-Bo, Zumba®, Stretching, Step, Pilates, Aerobics, Yoga and Fitball.

It is essential to obtain the maximum freedom of movement in our ...

  • 135,00 € 139,00 € -4,00 € 3 days
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    Drop 0/Weight 136g/Stack Height 7,5 mm. Esta versão do FiveFingers para correr no asfalto oferece uma experiência de carreira natural sem precedentes e é postulada como o ideal para aqueles que querem ir a um sapato minimalista. O tecido é mais respirável e Vibram XS RUN permite mais feedback durante a corrida.
  • 140,00 € 0 days

    Size :  38  39  40 

    Color :  Obsidian  Graphite 

    Drop 0/Weight 180g/Stack Height 5mm The Primus Lite II R Winter gives you a 'barefoot' feeling so your feet can stretch, flex and move freely with a near waterproof top to keep your feet dry and warm.Train hard as your foot develops.Running on the asphalt, walking or exercising.
  • 120,00 € 130,00 € -10,00 € 0 days

    Size :  37  38  39  40  41 

    Color :  Obsidian  Glowing Ember 

    Drop 0/Weight 180g/Stack Height 5mm Take your eco-warrior statement with the Primus Lite II Recycled, putting your feet in control for every run, walk and workout. This skinless shoe is made from recycled plastics and bio-based materials, providing lightweight, breathable movement while lightly stepping on the planet.
  • 109,00 € Product available with different options

    Size :  5  13 

    Drop 0/Weight 167g/Stack Height 15 mm  Our all-time bestselling sandal is ready for ALL your outdoor adventures and daily training runs. Whether you’re hiking, traveling, lounging, camping, spelunking, or anything else-ing, this is your go-to footwear. They’re super easy to adjust for the perfect fit, and totally secure in any terrain thanks to our patent...
  • 93,00 € 120,00 € -27,00 € 0 days

    Size :  37,5  40  41 

    Color :  Black  Velvet Morning 

    Drop 0/Weight 200g/Stack Height 11,5mm. The Merrell Trail Gove 5 is the new trail pure minimalist sneaker, for lovers of great sensations on the mountain and now also redesigned for indoor and outdoor training.
  • 109,00 € 120,00 € -11,00 € 3 days
    Reduced price!
    Drop 0/Weight 136g/Stack Height 5,7mm. New FiveFingers for 2018! The V-Alpha is the ideal shoe for natural outdoor training, and is 100% true to the philosophy of Vibram FiveFingers: footwear that protects the foot, but allows sensory perception of the floor, performance and dexterity .
  • 135,00 € 0 days

    Size :  6  7 

    Color :  Tan  Chocolate 

    Drop 0/Weight 113g/Stack Height 8mm. This high-quality leather sandal is made to be strong enough to handle the needs of the toughest ladies yet elegant enough to be worn out-on-the-town in a dress. No small feat. Combine both qualities and you have a Brujita. All Brujitas will come with turquoise tassels by default and will also include 4 other bright...
  • 99,90 € 0 days

    Size :  37  38  39  40 

    Color :  Oliva  Dark Jeans  Beet Red  China Jeans 

    Drop 0/Weight 220g/Stack Height 4mm. New Furoshiki Vibram lighter, more flexible and more sophisticated. The wrapping sole for everywhere you go, and everything you do! New from Vibram. A fashionable, packable shoe you take everywhere! Our latest and greatest innovation in alternative footwear! Take it Everywhere ... for everywhere you go and everything...
  • 95,00 € 105,00 € -10,00 € Product available with different options

    Size :  38  39  40  41 

    Color :  Black  Robin's Egg 

    Drop 0/Weight 215g/Stack Height 5.5 mm. With the Xero Prio you won't have to change shoes because you change your activity.You can go for a run, walk on a new path, go to the gym or dance.You'll love the combination of protection and comfort.Vegan.
  • 75,00 € 115,00 € -40,00 € Product available with different options

    Size :  40 

    Color :  Heather  Cobblestone 

    Drop 0/Weight 150g/Stack Height 5mm The vegan Vivobarefoot Wing is a refined, minimalist performance shoe that lets you live barefoot. Its lightweight, super-low profile makes it the perfect sneaker for yoga, gym and indoor exercise classes.
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