There are 19 brands

  • 3F Bar3foot

    The 3F freedom for feet brand has been designing and manufacturing children's shoes for over 20 years. The manufacturing process is meticulous and the materials imported from Italy, France and Germany meet strict European standards.
    They are manufactured in Poland and meet all requirements for non-toxic substances, confirmed by tests carried out at the PFI in Germany, a professional testing and research institute for the footwear industry.

  • Birkenstock

    BIRKENSTOCK is a world-renowned German brand that has been in business since the 1770s and trading internationally since 1970. With more than 3,000 employees and 8 generations behind it.

  • Enix Sandals

    Sandals Enix Sandals are a huarache type minimalist shoes that are made in Spain since 2012. Enix Sandals make their sandals by hand, so every detail is taken care of to the maximum. The result is sandals of quality with simple, but functional finishes.

  • Injinji

    The INJINJI toe socks allow the toes to move naturally and are correctly aligned, which offers greater stability and more comfort. They are formed by fibers of proven quality that are durable, lightweight and flexible to offer maximum breathability, which translates into fresh, dry and comfortable feet.

  • Joe-Nimble

    Joe Nimble Functional Footwear is based on the BÄR-Principle, that exists since 1982. We share the common passion for uncompromised toefreedom®. The human foot is „foot-shaped“: wide in the front and asymmetrical! Following that reasoning, it is hard to argue, that all shoes should be „foot-shaped“.

  • Lems Shoes

    The Lems Shoes is characterized by its simplicity, the less is more. They are pure, comfortable minimalist shoes with a last adapted to the anatomy of the foot. It emphasizes its high flexibility, wide toebox and without unevenness between the front and back of the shoes (drop 0 mm).

  • Luna Sandals

    Luna Sandals is the genuine brand of sandals type huaraches. They are high quality minimalist sandals with unique and differentiable elements. They have exclusive design soles and their adjustment system simulates the tie that the Tarahumara use, but with an easy and simple system. They have huaraches to run by mountain, asphalt or cross country. Luna Sandals Mono, Luna Sandals Oso, Luna Sandals Venado, LunaSandals Origen, LunaSandals Brujita ....

  • Merrell

    Merrell is a brand specialized in mountain shoes that knows the importance of manufacturing light, flexible and agile footwear. That's why Merrell has minimalism in his veins and since the movement emerged barefoot launched his line of minimalist shoes called Merrell Connect or Merrell Barefoot.

  • Pies Sucios

    Sandals Pies Sucios are inspired by the simplest huaraches, but trying to eliminate the negative aspects to obtain improvements in comfort, usability and durability. The goal is to get a minimalist sandal prepared for an active life, but to maintain the spirit of simplicity and effectiveness of the original designs that have been used for thousands of years.

  • Shimano

    Established in 1921, Shimano today globally operates three key businesses, with sales offices and factories all over the world.

    They will continue supplying “captivating products” to help promote the bicycle and sports fishing cultures.

  • Vibram FiveFingers

    Vibram FiveFingers can be considered as the barefoot footwear that revolutionized today's athletics. They are minimalist shoes where each toe has its own space, which allows our anatomy to work freely and move naturally.

  • Vivobarefoot

    Vivobarefoot is a pioneer brand of minimalist footwear that only manufactures models of pure minimalist shoes, that is, they faithfully fulfill the premises of minimalism. With a revolutionary design, back to basics, it is based on the simple principle that walking or running barefoot is the healthiest way for our feet and for our body.

  • Xero Shoes

    Xero Shoes is an American brand that only manufactures shoes and sandals 100% minimalist or pure minimalist. The base of your footwear is the basis of our body: the soles / feet.

  • ZaUri

    With years of experimentation and knowledge ZaUri launches a series of minimalist and sports sandals that surprise you with their ease of use, elegance and simplicity.