List of products by manufacturer Pies Sucios

Sandals Pies Sucios are inspired by the simplest huaraches, but trying to eliminate the negative aspects to obtain improvements in comfort, usability and durability. The goal is to get a minimalist sandal prepared for an active life, but to maintain the spirit of simplicity and effectiveness of the original designs that have been used for thousands of years.

The collection of Pies Sucios includes sandals and shioes:

  • On Road: Pies Sucios Simna

  • Off Road and trail light: Pies Sucios Terra

  • Trails and ultra long: Pies Sucios Nunche and Pies sucios Stone

  • Casual: Pies Sucios MEI

  • 50.00 € 53.00 € -3.00 € 0 days
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    Size :  39  40  41  42  43  44  45  46  47 

    Color :  Black  Gris  Brown 

    Drop 0/Weight 68g/Stack Height 7mm Ideal for an active life in the city and easy roads. Incorporates Cromtex fabric for improved foot contact and Zip fit system. 100% Minimalist and Vegan.
  • 75.00 € 79.00 € -4.00 € Product available with different options
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    Size :  40  41  46  47 

    Drop 0/Weight 102g/Stack Height 14 mm Pies Sucios Stone is a sandal for the most rugged terrain. Its 4 mm high studs transmit exceptional grip and great protection. They are very light and are easily molded. Incorporates Cromtex fabric to improve contact with the foot and the PS-Zip adjustment system. Ideal for the hardest trails. 100% Vegan
  • 59.00 € 62.00 € -3.00 € Product available with different options
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    Size :  41  42  44  47 

    Color :  Black  Brown  Cobre 

    Drop 0/Weight 95g/Stack Height 11mm Pies Sucios Terra Zip is the intermediate link between Sandals Simna and Nunche. With only 95 grams of weight they are almost as light as the Simna, but their 11mm stack height gives them extra protection and comfort. It continues incorporating the Cromtex to improve the contact with the foot and the PSZip fit system....