Aquatic Shoes 

If you practice water sports and need minimalist shoes that offer maximum sensitivity and contact, these are the best. The pure minimalist footwear is perfect for any of the sports disciplines in aquatic environments. Ideal for surfing, wind-surfing, kite-surfing, sailing, stand-up paddle, etc. Here you have a wide selection for men.

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    Drop 0/Weight 100g/Stack Height 7mm The Ultra III are multi-purpose amphibious shoes ideal for running, going to the beach, swimming pool and for all those situations where you want to wear a pure minimalist shoe. This complements it with a very low weight, high flexibility and an anatomical shape that leaves total freedom of movement to the fingers. 100%...
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    Drop 0/Weight 105g/Stack Height 3mm. A perfect shoe for rowers, surfers, kayakers and SUP fanatics, the FiveFingers Signa provides grip and comfort while on the water, with superior drainage so you're never water-logged or soggy. An amphibious shoe to enjoy barefoot with protection.
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