Toe Socks Vibram Wool-Blend Crew (2 pairs)

Vibram socks have medium thickness, and are soft and durable. With a composition of 70% Merino wool, they are ideal to keep your feet dry and free of friction and blisters. They are the perfect complement for both minimalist shoes, as well as for FiveFingers.

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Muy cómodo el textil. Se desgasta por ser más suave, pero tampoco en exceso. No estoy tan satisfecho con el ajuste: el meñique (y no lo tengo especialmente largo), me queda tirante, y la protección de talón y tobillo se me queda baja, aún siendo la talla correcta en longitud.

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Los calcetines son estupendos. Los llevo durante todo el día. Los vuelvo a comprar estupendos en todos sus colores!

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En unas 6 o 7 horas de uso moderado, con un par de lavados rápidos en agua fría, están para tirar: se hacen bolitas y se deshilachan por los dedos, ambos calcetines se han agujererado en medio del dedo índice y pulgar (en los dos pies igual) (usados con zapatillas barefoot sin dedos).
Son bonitos, cómodos y ajustan bien en mis pies; pero de pésima calidad para lo que valen. Ni los más baratos de marca-la-cabra duran tan poco. Ya si comparamos con los OS2O o con los injinji, son de risa. Ni soñar con volver a comprarlos.

0 1 2 3 4
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Muy cómodos para poner y llevar, totalmente recomendables. Los volveré a comprar seguro.

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Calcetines muy cómodos de poner y de utilizar, una muy buena manera de poder empezar a separar los dedos sin que sea molesto. Una vez los usas no quieres otros.

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Toe Socks Vibram 5Toe Merino Wool

What's the point of wearing wide shoes if your socks squeeze your toes?

Not at all.

There are some socks that are so tight that they leave marks and others that you can't move your toes.

With these socks you won't be able to get the benefit of wide shoes or being barefoot.

However, with the toe socks Vibram 5Toe Merino Wool, you can move your toes freely and freely: 

  • They allow the correct development of the foot, avoiding crowded toes, claw toes, hammer toes...
  • They do not leave marks or compress the toes.
  • As they do not squeeze, they improve circulation throughout the foot. Therefore its thermal regulation and perspiration.
  • It allows the foot to act and the toes to move without restrictions. So they do not rub against each other.

The Merino wool blend toe socks are a stretch fit designed to fit like a glove for your feet. This fit will add approximately 1mm to your feet dimensions which rarely affects the size of shoe you choose. They can also be worn with a conventional trainer. The benefits of this along with the obvious need for the toe socks for Vibram Fivefingers shoes are that they wick moisture more effectively from between the toes. This is great for general foot health and has also been known to help clear up or prevent athletes foot and also for anti-blistering between the toes.

  • The toes design of the Vibram socks helps to strengthen the muscles of the feet and legs.
  • It allows the natural behavior of the foot, from the heel to the fingers, as if you were barefoot.
  • The structure in individual toes eliminates any type of friction of the skin-to-skin type.
  • Anatomical design for the right and left foot. T
  • hey offer greater dexterity and tactile sensitivity.
  • Correct alignment of the fingers for better posture, grip and balance.
  • The Lycra® maintains the shape and conforms to the contours of the foot, demonstrating a comfortable and personalized fit.

Composition:70% Merino wool , 25% nylon, 5% lycra

Material : Merino Wool + 200N Knitting + Tight Fit

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