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The minimalist intermediate or transition shoes of asphalt for men are the shoes that have drop greater than 0 mm and are the best suited to run or move on flat surfaces, hard and without many irregularities. The sole has a uniform pattern and does not have studs. Among the main brands that manufacture intermediate minimalist footwear on the roa...

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    Size :  40  40,5 

    Color :  red 

    Drop 0 / Weight 110g / Stack Height 14mm The Altra Vanish-R is a very light minimalist shoe to run on road and city. They are zero drop, with great space for the toes and 14 mm of sole, a perfect combination between comfort, protection and feeling of the floor.
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    Size :  7 UK  8 UK  9 UK  11 UK  6.5UK  10.5 UK 

    Color :  Black  Grey 

    Drop 0/Weight 260gr/Stack Height 10mm. Las Addict es la zapatilla de transición para distancias cortas o largas mientras tus pies se van haciendo más fuertes. Para que corras o te muevas por tu circuito habitual: asfalto, pista, camino compacto y la ciudad. Diseñadas para sacar todo el beneficio a tus pies y a la vez protegerlos.
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    Size :  7USA - 40 EU  8USA - 41EU  9USA - 42EU  10USA - 43EU  11USA - 44EU  13USA - 46EU  12 USA - 45 EU 

    Color :  Carbon  Forest  Coastal 

    Drop 4/Weight 270g/Stack Height forefoot 16mm Knit? Neat! The newest edition to our collection might be one of our most comfortable yet. The mesh keeps your feet fresh, the natural foot-shape keeps you feeling good, and the 4mm drop platform keeps you balanced. US Sizes.
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    Size :  6  7 

    Color :  Sequoia  Redwood 

    Drop 4/Weight 330g/Stack Height forefoot 17 mm If you're looking for a pair of minimalist hiking shoes that can do it all, the Trailhead V2 is the answer to your every move. Comprised of microfiber and air mesh, with a full-length rubber outsole, these lightweight vegan friendly trail shoes are equipped to take on the trail and tackle the city streets,...
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    Size :  40  41,5 

    Color :  Hypernature  Play Digital 

    Drop 0 / Weight 210g /Stack Height 14,2 mm The Merrell Bare Access Flex Shield are the waterproof shoes for those who seek to make the transition or more protection. They are very versatile thanks to the M Select ™ GRIP + sole, flat or drop 0, very flexible, with anatomical last and with more protection than the Bare Access 4. Indicated for asphalt, roads...