Groundies Brooklyn Low

Looking for a Vans with all the benefits of minimalist footwear?

With the Groundies Brooklyn you have all the best of this iconic design at your feet.

Enjoy them every day.

It's easy... they go with everything!

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Muy satisfecho con el zapato. Comfortables desde el primer uso. Gran diseño.
Muy bien construidas, después de varios meses de uso continuo, se conservan estupendamente.

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Muy contento con mi nueva marca de zapas minimalistas. Súper cómodas desde el primer uso, y un diseño muy logrado, a caballo entre unas Vans y unas Converse, pero con su buen espacio para los dedos, y en general buena sujeción de pie y tobillo, pero con cierta holgura. La suela es la genialidad de las Groundies, puedes sentir el terreno que pisas en cada paso, y son súper duraderas, pues después de un uso intenso diario, después de más de 6 meses, siguen casi como el primer día. Recomiendo este modelo y en general dicha marca al 100%.

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More info

Groundies Brooklyn.

The healthy "Vans" that lets you keep that iconic look while taking care of your feet.

You love Vans.

That's a fact.

Their unique design looks great from afar and they have the power to match any outfit you wear.

The bad thing?

That every time you wear them your feet see the 'stars':

  • They have a round toe: this means that your toes are squashed and they have to find their own way to fit inside that tiny space, something that causes you to have a little toe that you can barely see, toes that are bunched up, chafing and also the dreaded bunions.
  • They are heavy: every step you take you have to lift that extra weight that, at the beginning of the day seems like nothing, but in the middle of the day you feel like you've run a marathon. They're bursting at the seams.
  • They have a drop: yes, most of them have a slight rise in the heel that affects your posture. Contributing to poor pressure distribution on your feet, ankles, knees, back and neck.

So... so what is it about the Brooklyn that your feet love so much?


They're shaped like a Foot, not a Shoe:

  • WIDE at the front: so that your toes can open up and their linearity is maintained, avoiding serious problems such as Morton's Neuroma, bunions and painful metatarsalgia.
  • WITHOUT reinforcements: so that nothing modifies the natural movements of your feet and ankles, whether on flat or sloping terrain.
  • FLAT (no drop or heel): so that nothing affects the natural curve of your spine, making your posture more relaxed throughout the day. Avoiding the tensions, instability and knee problems caused by shoes with a raised heel.
  • Highly FLEXIBLE: so your feet can adapt and move freely over the shape of the ground, giving you more balance, greater foot strength and more control. As well as minimising the risk of unexpected turns that lead to painful sprains and strains.


And they've got everything you're looking for You

  •  A look that won't go out of style: their classic design makes them timeless, so you'll never "fall behind" in style.
  • Makes your life easier: no matter what you're wearing, whatever the season. Brooklyns go with all your clothes: jeans, chinos, blazer? even a tracksuit. So you won't have to waste time every morning figuring out what to wear. You've got it all figured out.
  • It lets you go everywhere: the TrueSense® barefoot sole leaves your feet free to do whatever you like: walking, strolling and dancing.


Care and maintenance of your Brooklyns.

Brush the surface with a soft brush to remove any dust or sand.

Then wipe with a damp cloth. You can apply a little neutral soap in case of heavy soiling. And leave them to dry in the shade.


  • Upper material: textile fabric made of 70 % sustainable cotton ensures pleasant air circulation.
  • Inner lining: breathable OnSteam® microfibre.
  • Outsole: Original TrueSense® GS1 3mm in a modern, compact design.

My size

To find out your size, the right thing to do is to measure your foot and use the button "My size".

And if you don't get the first one right, the second one.

The system for changing your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1.99 euros (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Data sheet
Stack Height3mm
Drop0 mm
Minimalist FeaturesPura

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