Merrell Vapor Glove 6 LTR

The Vapor Glove 6 has been designed to not only become your favourite barefoot shoe, but also to get all the benefits on your feet without you having to discount yourself and get out of your "comfort zone".

New last, new fit and new materials. I'll tell you all about it below.

Drop 0/Weight 151g/Stack Height 6mm

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Muy cómodas y razonablemente amplias, como toda la serie glove 3, parece que en iteraciones posteriores han ido estrechando la horma. Sin embargo a los pocos meses empezaron a aparecer unos agujeritos en la tela, a la altura de ambos dedos gordos justo en la unión con la puntera de goma. Esto es algo que también me ocurrió con unas vivo primus lite all weather, que tienen una construcción similar. Por otra parte, la malla donde apoya el tendón de aquiles presentaba cierto desgaste también a los pocos meses de uso. Así que resumiendo quedan como un guante, pero ahora quedarán relegadas a situaciones informales y senderismo.

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Zapatilla que sienta como un guante!! De momento todo bien hay que acostumbrarse, ya que es más pura que la trail glove 4, que es la que tengo, y por supuesto que unos zapatos lems que uso.

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Una auténtica maravilla. Poco que comentar, la suela me encanta, son muy fresquitas, ahora para primavera-verano ya tengo mi calzado casual/sport.

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Hacen honor a su nombre, son realmente como un guante. Venía de tener unas Vapor Glove de las "normales" y mantienen la comodidad.
Cumplen perfectamente con lo que quería, que era básicamente un calzado minimalista y cómodo para el día a día que tuviera un puntito de formalidad pero sin perder la comodidad de calzado deportivo.
La tela parece bastante resistente y de momento, pasados un par de semanas de uso diario, siguen como nuevas. Si siguen en el mercado cuando estas estén a punto de desintegrarse, me pillo otras seguro.
Espero que no pase como con las Trail Glove que parece que cada vez las hacen más estrechas, estas de momento albergan bien mi pie de hobbit y además la tela va cediendo con el uso y se hace a tu pie.

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Son sorprendentemente cómodos. 100% minimalistas con drop 0 y con suela muy flexible como un guante para tus pies. Son muy bonitos y los puedes llevar a diario. El cuero se ve de muy buena calidad. Yo antes de pasarme al minimalismo calzaba un 45 pero en estos me he llevado un 46,5 y perfecto. Han sido un descubrimiento.

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More info

Vapor Glove 6.

The shoes that make your circle of fun bigger.

You open your eyes and there it is.

The laces are still tied.

Because they're so easy to put on and take off, you left them that way.

You love to put them on and start the day with that feeling.

The feeling of wearing very comfortable socks or slippers.

But with something more.

The security that with their sole you can easily move around the city and now in some extra places.

That's exactly why you love wearing your Vapor Glove 6 every morning.

And this is exactly why your feet love them:

  • Because they're Wide: so your toes have room and nothing deviates them from their natural position.
  • Because they are Flexible: so that your feet and ankles adapt to any shape of the terrain and balance is not a problem.
  • Because they are Light: so that your steps are not clumsy and heavy, but quite the opposite: natural and fluid.

New Vibram® EcoStep sole. So you can go where other Vapors cannot.

You know these terrains well: home, city and gym.

They're your thing. So are these Vapor Glove 6 too.

You're both in your element walking around, running and lifting weights.

But sometimes you'd like to go a little further.

Walks by parks or easy paths to fill your lungs with fresh air.

Or just take them inside your luggage in that new trip.

But if the Vapors have always been for asphalt, why can I go anywhere else now?

The secret lies in the zigzagging pattern of the Vibram® EcoStep outsole. The same pattern it shares with its companion Merrell Trail Glove 7.

Be careful.

The Vapor Glove 6 is not a trail shoe. But almost.

So do whatever you like every day: walk, run or train hard around your city knowing that you're strengthening your leg muscles and improving the mobility of your feet without even realising it.

And, if you ever want to get off the pavement for a moment, do it.

They will follow you.

Leather made to give you a unique look while enveloping your feet

The Vapor Glove 6's leather upper allows your feet to feel like they're wearing a second skin. Protected, but free to move.

Flexing, bending, adapting to every incline, turn or demand.

From inside, the soft lining wraps every millimetre of your feet like a "glove" in every step, turn or jump you take. Something so characteristic and unique to Merrell's "Glove" saga.

Thanks to the new versatility of its Vibram sole and its breathable fabric, you can wear it most of the year. But if the cold weather gets cold, you can wear them with your favourite Injinji and Vibram socks.


  • Highly breathable leather upper. Your feet will feel the warmth of the Vapor Glove 6's natural leather like a glove. Plus the leather's natural ability to resist rain will keep you safe in case you get caught in a downpour. Although to make them completely waterproof you can apply sprays or waterproofing treatments for leather footwear. A real treat.
  • Vibram EcoStep outsole with FlexConect grooves for traction and grip. The renewed design based on bi-directional grooves gives you all the great grip in any direction, without interfering with your foot's tactile feedback.
  • Barefoot last: you will have more than enough space for your foot and toes to expand correctly so that you have more contact surface and therefore more stability in each step. Also avoiding chafing between them.
  • Fully lined interior. You can wear them without socks or with your favourite Injinji and Vibram socks.

My size

To find out your size, the right thing to do is to measure your foot and use the button next to the size selector.

And if you don't get the first one right, the second one.

The system for changing your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1.99 euros (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Data sheet
Stack Height6,5 mm
Drop0 mm
Weight158 g
Minimalist FeaturesPura
Waterproof?Only water resistant

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