Groundies Balance

Groundies Balance deceive the eye... but NOT your feet.

  • On the inside: your feet are parallel to the ground. Just as nature designed them.
  • On the outside: their "raised heel" aesthetic makes you look fashionable.

And what's more, they are wide, flexible and very light.

Just the way you and your feet like them.

I'll tell you more below.

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Groundies Balance

The shoe that fools the eye, but NOT your feet.

"What's wrong with Groundies?

"Am I seeing heel elevation in the shoe?"

Yes, I thought the same thing.

But now comes the good part.

Despite having elevation on the outside of the heel...

... on the inside they are totally FLAT.

That's right, and that's how good they look.

On the Outside, you'll be able to follow fashion with total peace of mind.

On the Inside, your feet will still have everything they want:

  • Amplitude: so that your toes can move freely inside without anything bothering them. Maintaining their natural linearity, avoiding chafing and mounted toes. As well as painful ingrown toenails and bunions.
  • No reinforcements: so nothing gets in the way or limits all the movement your feet and ankles can do. Making them stronger while you enjoy what you love.
  • Flat (no heel elevation): so that nothing changes the natural position of your spine. Releasing tension and making your posture more relaxed throughout the day. As well as avoiding the instability and knee problems caused by conventional shoes with heel elevation.
  • And very very flexible: so that they move immediately with any twist or flexion of your feet. Quickly adapting to the shape of the ground you walk on to give you more balance, greater foot strength and more control. Minimising the risk of unexpected turns that lead to painful sprains and strains.

Why don't mainstream brands do this?

Because they've been focused for years on making them aesthetically pleasing = pointy toed and narrow.

And trying to make you believe that you need technology = air cushioning, foams, carbon insoles...

They sell technology for your feet... when the technology is already in your feet since you were born.

You just need to release them.

That's why you'll love Groundies Balance = aesthetics + health.

Just the way footwear should be.

So that your feet can give you all the mobility and strength you need at all times to do everything you love every day:

Walking, going out for a drink with your friends, dancing ....

That's what it's all about.

Recover those sensations and enjoy every step with a smile, while the person next to you tells you that everything hurts.

With a design designed to beat time

Its simple, no-frills design allows for great versatility with all types of clothing and styles.

A timeless style that stays in style and will stay in style until the end of time.


  • Upper material: breathable bamboo fibre and recycled polyamide fabric
  • Inner lining: Breathable microfibre so your feet can breathe.
  • Outsole: TrueSense® GP1 outsole with 5mm base and 2.5mm shoe lugs in a modern, compact design.

My size

To find out the best size for your feet, it's best to measure your feet in 1 minute at home and use the "Check your size" under the size selector or "My Size" button.

And if you don't get it right the first time, try the second time.

The system to change your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1,99€ (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Care and maintenance of your Balance.

Brush the surface with a soft brush to remove any dust or sand.

Then wipe them with a damp cloth. You can apply a little neutral soap in cases of heavy soiling.

Data sheet
Stack Height3mm
Drop0 mm
Minimalist FeaturesPura

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