Naboso Neuro Insole

The Naboso® Neuro insole does not modify your footprint.

Why an insole? Isn't it about feeling the floor?

I'll tell you all about it below.

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The insoles are possibly somewhat overpriced (not by ZaMi - buying them directly from Naboso was even more expensive) but they do seem to work. So far I only wore them in a size 45 pair of Wildling Tanuki and the size L insoles were right for them, with just a little trimming necessary to give them the same shape as the original insoles. I wore them daily for a few months now and they seem to have kept in good shape.

* They really seem to improve my gait and the way my feet land
* The feeling of the little bumps under your foot is rather pleasant
* They will probably last quite a while

* I seem to basically stop feeling the bumps after I wore them for some time - they probably still do their job, but the massage sensation is gone until I wear them again after a while (could also be an advantage if you find the stimulation on your soles too much).
* I only wore them without socks. if worn with socks on their effect is much less noticeable.
* They get a bit slippery with sweat. Nothing dangerous, but it is a noticeable effect.
* They - and my feet and shoes - will stink after a day of wearing them, no way around it. They also give your soles quite a scrub and will collect dead skin on their surface. After a I wear them I just give them a quick wash with soap while scrubbing them with an old toothbrush. They dry almost immediately and the smell is gone. They can also go in the washing machine.

All in all, I\'m happy with them and would recommend them as long as you\'re ok with going without socks and washing them often.
It was my first purchase on ZaMi and everything went smoothly.

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2 de 2 personas piensan que la opinión es útil
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Fantásticas. Trabajo muchas horas de pie en un bar y, aunque ya llevo años en zapatos descalzos y me va bien un grosor medio de suela, sentía que mis plantas terminaban machacadas de estar tantas horas sobre suelo liso. Este finde he trabajado con las Naboso y, a pesar de que un trabajo así es muy cansado, el dolor ha sido muchísimo menor y el cansancio de pies y piernas ha disminuido tremendo.
Si necesitas el masaje de las piedras en tus plantas no dudes que estas plantillas no te van a defraudar. Espero que envejezcan bien, veremos, pero por ahora es mi top para pasar muchas horas en suelo liso.
Zami maravillosos como siempre, envío rapidísimo. Gracias.

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More info

Why an insole? Isn't it about feeling the terrain?

Unless you live in the country and walk barefoot, this template makes a lot of sense.

In our everyday life you walk to work between paved buildings and flat pavements.

And, when you get home, you step on smooth parquet floors and soft slabs.

It is important to walk with a thin sole, yes.

But your feet miss something else:

  • Feeling the unevenness of the ground.
  • The texture of the earth, the grass, the sand...

That which he likes so much and which modern life has been cutting down on...until now.

With Naboso Insole you will have this dose of nature every day without waiting for the weekend break.

And in any shoe. Yes, in any shoe.

What will you feel?

  • You will feel the sole of your foot activated during the day without noticing it and with a continuous massaging sensation. Very pleasant.
  • Your feet's capacity to react will increase. You will feel more agile.
  • Your balance will be better, whether you are standing for long hours or moving. Better balance = less tension.

When can I use them? Spoiler: Always

They are thin enough to fit into any shoe.

And they won't give you any cushioning, but they will give you extra comfort.

  • Wear them to work, for a walk and throughout the day. The more the merrier.
  • For maximum benefit, use them without socks or with a thin sock.

It's OK. So why choose the Neuro insole and not the other Naboso ones.

You can choose from three types of templates:

  • Performance: for a smooth activation.
  • Activation: for medium activation. It is recommended for the whole day.
  • Neuro: when you have foot problems and need more activation.

Naboso Neuro has a medical grade level of stimulation.

To improve the balance and stability of those with acute and chronic neurological conditions.

Recommended for:

  • To increase sensitivity and awareness of the foot.
  • To be integrated into any neuro-rehabilitation programme for gait training and fall reduction.
  • Improve skin perfusion and the stimulation of peripheral nerves.
  • To improve postural awareness and balance when standing and walking.

Naboso Perfomance

Easy to put on any shoe

Naboso Perfomance Plantilla

Texture designed to get the most out of it

Naboso Plantilla Rendimiento


  • Patent pending 1.5 mm pyramidal texture.
  • 3 mm total thickness of insole.
  • Medical grade stimulation to improve awareness and balance of the foot.
  • Freedom of rotation and movement to increase agility.
  • Slim enough to be placed on any orthopaedic appliance.
  • Non-toxic, latex-free, 100% recyclable.
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