Coqueflex Yumi - Kids

Drop 0/Weight 115g/Thickness of Sole 6 mm.

Did you know that footwear can change your children's future? With Coqueflex Yumi barefoot sandals, your kids will feel total freedom.

Ultrathin soles, durable materials, and a perfect fit with velcro. Comfort, style, and health in every step. Make their feet smile!

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Let your little ones run free with Coqueflex Yumi Barefoot Sandals this summer!

Did you know that footwear can change your children's future?

Yes, you read that right. Coqueflex Yumi sandals are designed to give your little ones the freedom they need. Forget about rigid shoes that limit movement. With the Coqueflex Yumi, your kids will be able to move naturally, feeling the ground beneath their feet, while enjoying the comfort that only barefoot shoes can offer.

Unparalleled comfort

Imagine your kids running around the park, climbing trees or exploring the beach, all in comfort they won't believe. The ultra-thin sole allows them to feel every step, strengthening their feet and improving their balance - yes, it's that amazing! These sandals are designed to offer a barefoot feel, promoting the natural development of children's feet.

Materials That Hold Everything

No more shoes that break in two days. Coqueflex Yumi are made from soft yet durable leather, available in white, leather and metallic cava. These sandals will stand up to any little explorer's trot. High-quality materials ensure durability and a comfortable fit that won't irritate the skin, even during the hottest summer days.

Easy on and off

Your kids can put them on by themselves thanks to the handy velcro closure - say goodbye to morning dramas! Perfect fit, zero slippage, maximum safety. Because we know that when it comes to your kids, you don't mess around. Plus, the velcro system facilitates a custom fit and gives your kids complete autonomy when it comes to putting on and taking off their sandals.

Design to love

These sandals are not only functional, they're cute too. Perfect for any occasion, whether it's an afternoon of play or a family outing. With Coqueflex Yumi, your kids will always be smart and fashionable. The minimalist and stylish design suits any outfit, making your little ones look great as they enjoy every moment of summer.

Barefoot Benefits

Beyond fashion, these minimalist sandals encourage correct posture and natural walking. They strengthen muscles, improve coordination and make every step count. What more could you ask for? By promoting a natural way of walking, these sandals help develop better body awareness and maintain the health of children's feet and legs.

Freshness and Freedom in Summer

The open design of the Coqueflex Yumi allows your little one's feet to stay cool all summer long. No sweaty, uncomfortable feet. Imagine the joy of your children enjoying the outdoors with their feet free and fresh, without worries.

Don't wait any longer!

Give your children the freedom and comfort they deserve. Coqueflex Yumi sandals are the smart choice for parents looking for the best - make every step an adventure! With Coqueflex Yumi, every summer day will be an opportunity to explore and enjoy to the fullest.

*The soles of the Coqueflex Indiana sandals have changed, so they are not the same as the ones in the pictures.

The size

To find out the size, the right thing to do is to measure the child's foot and use the button 'My size' to the the sizing chart.

And if you don't get the first one right, the second one.

The system for changing size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1.99 euros (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Data sheet
Stack Height4 mm
Drop0 mm
Weight150 g
Minimalist FeaturesPura

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