Pegatina 2 Libera tus pies

Minimalist Sticker Collection #2. Libera tus pies, Desarrolla tu mente. Master ZaM teaches us his best kept secret. The feet have thousands of sensors that are activated when they feel the ground and help develop your mind. With one accurate movement of your catana, remove everything that does not help you to improve.

Add it to your shoes. Collect them, they're free!

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Smarter (and above all, happier) barefoot children

Currently there is a tendency to shoe children early. There are shoes called pre-pant shoes and crawling shoes. This article aims to provide scientific arguments for the need to leave the feet of non-ambulatory babies barefoot. As a method we have used the analysis and critical reading of different bibliographical sources in relation to the psychomotor development of the child, treatises on neurology and the main theories on the development of intelligence in children. We found that the physical movement and the sensorial stimulation of the baby through the bare feet is a factor of acceleration of maturation, of the proprioceptive development and of the intellectual development of the child.

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The wealth of tactile stimuli is capable of improving the proprioception of the foot

What I am proposing to the reader is a small improvement of our brain from the optimization of our own perception. That is, the body's ability to detect the movement and position of the joints (our body knows perfectly which position each adjoining segment is in space).  On a barefoot, our brain receives the information unimpeded, without interference in the form of an air chamber, and can respond to it easily, effectively and more quickly. For an athlete, this means: I stumble less, when I "lose my ankle" I correct it before spraining, I find myself more agile on descents and more balanced, etc.

Complete article.

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