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Jump Rope Wind | Wiletics

Jump Rope Wiletics Wind

Adaptable, light and practical. Train anywhere with your Wiletics Wind jump rope. It is the easiest way to improve your endurance, coordination and agility. With your purchase you will receive a CODE to download the free Wiletics Wind Combination skipping rope Training Guide. Download also free the Barefoot Minimalist Running Guide and get an even more complete workout.

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> Wiletics Skipping Training Guide

With the purchase of this product, you will receive a CODE to download the Wiletics Combation Skipping rope Training Guide for free.

> Free! ZaMi Guide to learn the natural running technique. Complete your training even more for free.

And there's more! To improve your running technique and run in a more natural and less harmful way you can download our FREE Barefoot-Minimalist Running Guide by clicking and adding it to your cart. It's that simple.

Jump Rope Wiletics Wind


You don't need keys or to cut the cable. The Wind sag has an integrated Allen key that allows you to adjust the length of the rope. Its special screws are designed to collect the excess cable and prevent it from hindering your training. As explained in the guide, different lengths of camber are recommended depending on the type of training.

Strong and lightweight

Made of high quality steel, your Wind jump rope will be your training partner for a long time. Stop using disposable plastic combos and move on to a really tough combos. Its quick turn and thin cable will allow you to fly it and maximize the benefits of your training.


Every little detail has been designed to fit your hand perfectly. Its length and thickness will allow you to maintain a firm but relaxed grip, without overloading your forearms.
For all levels

For all levels

If you're a rookie, this is the ideal rope to start with. It will improve your endurance but also your coordination and agility.

If you are more experienced, its fast heads and thin cable will help you practice double jumps and other advanced movements. You can also adjust the length of the cable as you progress.

10 Benefits of jump skipping: 

  1. Excellent aerobic exercise, with less impact and less risk of injury than running.
  2. Effective for weight loss. Burns more calories than most aerobic workouts, in less time.
  3. Strengthens legs, but also arms, shoulders and other upper body muscles.
  4. Improves your overall coordination and stability by synchronizing many different muscles
  5. Strengthens your bones thanks to the micro-impacts generated, preventing the risk of osteoporosis.
  6. Adapts to your level. Suitable for beginners, but also to improve the performance of advanced athletes.
  7. Very versatile. Combines different movements and intensities, offering a complete and varied training.
  8. Produces changes in a short time. Fifteen minutes a day are enough to see results.
  9. You can train anywhere. You don't have to leave your home or hotel room.
  10. It's lightweight and takes up little space. You can take it to the gym, the park or on vacation.

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