Vivobarefoot Novus Mid

The Novus Mid is the confirmation of "looks can be deceiving"...

... but for GOOD.

These Vivobarefoot Novus combine the most modern look with the most ancient features: the ones that respect the shape of your feet.

It allows you to connect with the jungle of your city, the forest and the trails when you escape for some fresh air.

Drop 0/Weight 450g/Stack height 9 mm.

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Vivobarefoot Novus Mid.

The shoe of the future that connects with your ancestral roots.

You live in a world where those around you feel like their feet are walking on mats...

... cushioning here, air pump soles over there...

And then inside small spaces where the feet, if they had lungs, would run out of air in less than two minutes.

Not to mention the friction that forms between them, the lack of blood that reaches them and the problems that this entails.

But there you are, very happy with your Novus Mid, which are the opposite.

Where your feet, even if they are well "dressed", continue to give you all their strength and the best experience.


  • Being WIDE: so that your toes have room to move and not get squashed inside. Also facilitating your stability and mobility.
  • Being FLAT: so that nothing changes the natural curve of your back and your posture is always as upright and relaxed as possible. No tension.
  • With a THIN sole: so that you can feel the ground you are walking on. By receiving signals from the ground your feet can react and adapt to every situation instantly. Easily overcoming any terrain and avoiding unexpected turns that lead to painful sprains and strains.
  • With MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY and NO STRENGTHENING: so that nothing hinders the natural movement of your feet and ankles. Avoiding the chafing and constraints that weaken (and dust) them. Now they can move, turn and react to every incline of the terrain, just as evolution designed them to do, getting stronger without you even noticing.


A powerful Michellin sole that reacts to the ground you walk on.

Is it for the city, is it for using off road...?

The design of the sole of your Novus has various patterns and depths so it adapts to give you the best traction depending on the terrain you're on.

These patterns together with Michellin's high performance rubber make the Novus a balanced beast with great grip and durability on a multitude of terrains: city, park, trails...

This high versatility is provided by the 5mm outsole and 3mm high lugs making the Novus a 2 in 1 shoe:

A shoe to wear every day with your jeans with a brutally trendy aesthetic around town and ready to go offroad at any time.

Without having to go home to change your shoes.


Leather that protects and makes your feet happy and awesome

The high-quality wild leather of the Novus Mid gives you natural breathability and rain resistance.

Plus a unique and robust look. Even being soooo flexible.

he natural tanning marks give them personality, making them unique. No two pairs of Novus are alike.

Result: a perfect combination of the wildest of the wild on a high-tech sole. Both at the service of your feet.

Inside, the 3mm natural cork insole gives you extra comfort and insulation from the ground. Remove it to get more ground feel and more room inside your Novus.


Care and recommendations

If you want to increase its waterproofing, apply a waterproofing treatment/spray for leather shoes.

Clean and care for the leather from time to time to maintain its natural waterproof qualities and keep it ageing well.

My size

The size is similar to other Vivobarefoot. The right thing to do is to measure your foot and use the button next to the size selector.

And if you don't get the first one right, the second one.

The system for changing sizes is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1.99 euros (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Data sheet
Stack Height9 mm
Drop0 mm
Weight450 grams
Minimalist FeaturesPura
Waterproof?Only water resistant

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