Be Lenka Dash

Looking for a cool summer shoe that's not a sandal?

The Be Lenka Dash will keep your feet cool all day long thanks to its breathable fabric.

Enjoy the high flexibility and versatile ActiveGrip sole.

A sole made to enjoy the city and, why not, doing a few pull-ups in the park.

Drop 0/Weight 190g/Stack Height 4 mm

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Be Lenka Dash

The shoe that makes it easy for your feet to breathe in summer

You probably already own a pair of minimalist sandals and wear nothing else in summer.

They're super-fresh. No doubt about it.

But sometimes you want to change.

To have another option to expand the variety of your looks.

A covered footwear that you can wear with a linen shirt, shorts or a dress, ... but that still allows your feet to be as cool as with your sandals.

This is where the Be Lenka Dash makes sense.

A pair of shoes made almost entirely of very breathable fabric so that every part of your skin can breathe.

Furthermore, not only are they extremely comfortable, but they are also fantastically versatile.

They are ideal both in urban environments, for a little training, or for travelling. They take up very little space and weigh as nothing.

This means you can wear the Dash all the time, so your feet can move, feel and get stronger.

And all without you even noticing.

The biggest benefit you can get out of a minimalist shoe.


Designed so you don't have to look for a bench every 5 minutes.

While your friends are looking for a bench within 5 minutes of you meeting them, you can be stand for hours.

The narrow, heavy and stiff shoes they wear make their feet uncomfortable.

It hurts.

But you, with your Be Lenka Dash, you are smiling, calm and relaxed.

The trick?

Dash are designed to the shape of your feet:

  • Wide Last: so your toes can move freely inside without anything bothering them. Maintaining their natural linearity, avoiding chafing and toe riding due to lack of space.
  • No reinforcements: so that nothing gets in the way or limits all the movement your feet and ankles can do. Making them stronger while you enjoy what you like, without you even realising it.
  • Flat (no heel lift): so that nothing changes the natural position of your spine. Releasing tension in your back and making your posture more relaxed throughout the day.
  • And very, very flexible: so that they move immediately with any twist or flexion of your feet. Making them feel like an extension of your body.


Made for those who love movement

If the simple act of using your Dash already strengthens your feet, you can do so much more:

Do you like to work out from time to time?

Take them to the park and do a few pull-ups or squats with them.

You can even jog, do yoga or stretch with them.

Their ActiveGrip sole will give you all the traction and stability you need.


Not sure what shoes to take on a trip?

If you don't want to complicate things, the Dash is always a good option.

Their light weight means you won't even notice you're wearing them in your backpack. Or you can hang them on the outside using the loop on the heel.

Their very high flexibility allows you to roll them up and put them in any compartment.

With the Be Lenka Dash you will have all the goodness of a minimalist shoe for your feet and a high versatility to adapt to whatever you want to do.

Undoubtedly the summer shoe you've always wanted.


My size

To find out your size, the right thing to do is to measure your foot and use the button "My size".

And if you don't get the first one right, the second one.

The system for changing your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1.99 euros (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Data sheet
Stack Height4 mm
Drop0 mm
Weight175 g
Minimalist FeaturesPura

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