Shimano RC300 - Wide Last

Drop 0/Weight 260g/Stack Height 6mm.

You're on the road, alone or accompanied, and you're highly motivated. You're doing great, but after a few kilometres there's something that makes you slow down.

Your feet are tingling, they feel stiff, they hurt and that feeling is killing you.

Does it happen to you? I'll tell you why below.

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The road cycling shoe that doesn't squeeze your toes.

Shimano RC300 - Wide Last

You don't know it, but when your feet step into your cycling shoes, the 'click' you hear when the cleat clicks into place isn't the only one that happens.

The other 'click' is your big toe bone deviating from its natural alignment.

This happens in conventional cycling shoes. Very nice but narrow.

But what they really do is:

  • Deflect the big toe: apart from helping you create a bunion, recent studies indicate that a slight deflection already prevents circulation from reaching your foot.
  • Crowded toes: the narrow last causes your toes to twist and squeeze together like sardines in a tin can. So you have more of a hoof than a foot.
  • Pain: the stacking of your toes and the lack of irrigation is the perfect combination for you to end up with tingling, chafing and pain. Plus your feet will remain stiff once you get off the bike.
  • Power loss: the pedalling force is dissipated in the built-in midsoles of conventional cycling shoes, causing the power transmission to decrease. Like trying to swat a fly with boxing gloves.

What does the Shimano RC300 (Wide Last) give you?

  • It respects the linearity of your big toe: it allows your big toe to stay straight and always get circulation.
  • Wide last: your toes will not be so tight, they will have space. So you will be more comfortable both on and off the bike.
  • More pedalling power: due there is not any built-in midsoles incorporated in its design, the distance between the foot and the pedal is reduced, making the power transmission more direct and efficient.


And equipped with EVERYTHING to make it easier for you:

  • A BOA® L6 quick fit with a lifetime guarantee: no matter if you have a high or low instep. Just a few twists and you can quickly customise the fit.
  • Perforated synthetic leather upper: you'll have a comfortable fit on your feet and great breathability.
  • Nylon sole reinforced with fibreglass: this thin, lightweight layer improves power transfer.


Need extra activation?

If you have activation problems in your feet I recommend using the Naboso Neuro insoles. You'll get even more stimulation with every pedal stroke.

Don't worry, because they're so thin, you'll still retain the power transmission.

And when you're done, you can take them out of the Shimano and put them in your road shoes. So you can keep stimulating your feet for the rest of the day.


Which Shimano RC Wide Last is for me?

RC300 - Wide Last: cycling is one of the sports you do, but it's not the only one.

When you go out you do it for the pleasure of a ride with friends, so you want to be comfortable and even stop from time to time.

RC502 - Wide Last - Carbon: cycling is a big part of your weekly routine.

When you go out, your level of demand is increasing and you are looking for more performance. That doesn't stop you from going on long rides with friends, but when you do, you know that your shoes have to match your bikes.

RC702 - Wide Last - Carbon: cycling is as much a part of your life as breathing is.

This has made your level of demand the highest. You know that every gram of weight counts and that every pedal stroke must be perfect to squeeze the most out of your performance. This shoe is made to deliver.

My size

To find out your size, the right thing to do is to measure your foot and use the button below that says "Know my size".

And if you don't get it right the first time, then the second time.

The system to change your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1,99€ (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information about the fitting, read this link.

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