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From an impromptu meeting at the office to a casual dinner with friends, to that romantic weekend getaway, the Zauri Helena knows no limits.

And your feet, looking like never before, without anything to deform them.

Beautiful and healthy. All in one.

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Table of sizes and measurements of the bareffoot sandals Zauri

ZaUri SizesSandal Lenght measure (cm)Sandal Wide measure (cm)Foot measure recommended (cm)
36239,5De 22,1 a 22,5
3724,210De 22,6 a 23,7
382510,3De 23,8 a 24,5
3925,510,5De 24,6 a 25
4026,310,8De 25,1 a 25,8
412711De 25,9 a 26,5
4227,511,3De 26,6 a 27
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0 1 2 3 4
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Zauri Helena

Where Sparta Elegance Meets Modern Life

Imagine you are in that outdoor café, the sun caressing your skin and you, enjoying your favourite drink. Suddenly, all eyes are on you, or rather, on your feet.

The wavy upper band of the Zauri Helena plays with the light, creating a visual spectacle as captivating as the reflection of the sun on the Aegean Sea.

They are like wearing a little piece of Greek poetry on your feet, a reminder that beauty can, and should, be simple.

Zauri Helena Beryl Barefoot Sandal Mujer

For the Woman Who Stands Strong in Every Terrain

From an impromptu office meeting to a casual dinner with friends to that romantic weekend getaway, the Zauri Helena knows no bounds.

They're like that perfect black dress that's always ready for any occasion, but for your feet.

Whether you're walking on the sand on the beach or on the asphalt of the city, these sandals ensure a triumphant entrance, worthy of Helen of Troy herself, but with the comfort of knowing that your feet are as well cared for as in a Spa.

Zauri Helena Barefoot Sandal Mujer

When Fashion and Functionality Go Hand in Hand

Remember those heels you swore you'd never wear again after a night of dancing? The Zauri Helena is the opposite. They're like dancing under the full moon on a Greek beach, where every step is free and every movement is a celebration.

Because at the end of the day, isn't that what we all seek? The freedom to feel beautiful in any situation.

A sole so that no environment can stop you and so that you don't have to go home to change.

The sole of the Zauri Helena will make you fall in love as soon as you take a step.

Its 8mm thick multi-terrain design sole will give you the ability to go both in the city and if you move around in a more natural environment.

So that you don't have to go through the house!

Plus, this thickness has the right balance of feel and protection.

At the same time it protects the shape and functionality of your feet, so that nothing can stop them:

  • WIDE at the front: so that your toes can open and their linearity is maintained, avoiding those serious problems such as Morton's Neuroma, bunions and painful metatarsalgia.
  • WITHOUT reinforcements: so that nothing modifies the natural movements of your feet and ankles, whether on flat or sloping terrain.
  • FLAT (no drop or heel): so that nothing affects the natural curve of your spine, making your posture more relaxed throughout the day. Avoiding the tensions, instability and knee problems caused by shoes with raised heels.

Zauri Helena Barefoot Sandal Mujer

An enjoyable and customisable fit

Its buckle adjustment allows you to adjust it to your liking, adapting to any shape of your feet and ankles without any problems. You can even add a few more holes if you need to.

Something that combines perfectly with the clean lines and elegance of the Helena, where every detail has been carefully designed to capture beauty in its purest form.

The confirmation that having style is not incompatible with taking care of the health of your feet every day.

What are your Zauri Helena made of?

On the outside, the elegant and durable leather dances to the rhythm of your steps and becomes more and more in tune with your movements.

On the inside, the delicate leather lining, as soft as an evening breeze, caresses every contour of your foot, promising comfort that resembles walking on clouds.

And just where your foot meets the ground, a bed of leather supports you, ensuring that every step you take is a soft whisper in the wind.

Your Zauris are not just a shoe; they are an extension of nature, designed to pamper and respect your feet with every step you take.

My size

To find out the best size for your feet, it's best to measure your feet in 1 minute at home and use the "Check your size" under the size selector or "My Size" button.

And if you don't get it right the first time, try the second time.

The system to change your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1,99€ (valid for Spain and Portugal).

Data sheet
Stack Height8 mm
Drop0 mm
Weight51-100 gramos
Minimalist FeaturesPura

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