Sandalias ZaUri Ulises - Desert

Are you going to keep letting your feet suffer this summer? Throw away those old sandals and take advantage of the 20% discount. The promotion ends Friday 10 May 22:00.

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Table of sizes and measurements of the bareffoot sandals Zauri

ZaUri SizesSandal Lenght measure (cm)Sandal Wide measure (cm)Foot measure recommended (cm)
382510,3De 23,8 a 24,5
3925,510,5De 24,6 a 25
4026,310,8De 25,1 a 25,8
412711De 25,9 a 26,5
4227,511,3De 26,6 a 27
432811,6De 27,1 a 27,5
4428,512De 27,6 a 28
4529,512,3De 28,1 a 29
463012,5De 29,1 a 29,5
4730,512,8De 29,6 a 30
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0 1 2 3 4
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ZaUri Ulysses Sandal - Desert Brown

The passport for your feet to go from being locked up to freedom

I've told you about the 3 euro sandals.

You know it and I know it. I've had them too.

And you know the result. Again, you know it and I know it: claw toes so they don't slip off, constant clacking, and after a short jog... after two steps you leave them behind.

Now imagine the opposite scenario: running to the bus because you woke up late, dodging urban obstacles with the grace of a Kenyan athlete.

And all this in sandals? And with more style than Travolta in Grease in his convertible.

Zauri Ulises Barefoot Sandal Hombre

Freedom, Not Just a Word, But an Experience

Think of the absolute freedom of going barefoot, that feeling of lightness, of direct connection with the world beneath your feet, without those heavy, uncomfortable and treacherous shoes.

The Zauri Ulises transform that fantasy into reality.

Forget the idea of a shoe; this is like gaining wings on your feet.

Zauri Ulises Barefoot Sandal Hombre

Fit and protection, united at the End

With the Zauri Ulises, fit and confidence go hand in hand, giving you protection from the elements and a grip that defies your expectations.

Its 8mm sole might make you hesitate, but between us, it's all you need. It's the perfect balance for those looking for comfort and protection without sacrificing the feeling of being connected to the ground.

And the three-point fit makes these sandals an extension of you.

Zauri Ulises Barefoot Sandal Hombre

Made in Spain, Like the land of Cervantes

Yes, you read that right. These wonders don't come from a faraway land where the map says "here there are dragons". No, sir. The Zauri Ulises are made right here in Spain with 100% high quality leather.

Supporting local craftsmanship and reducing environmental impact.
Ready, Set, Adventure!

Imagine strolling through the cobbled streets of an ancient city, feeling the sea breeze as the sand slips through your fingers at sunset, or simply enjoying an impromptu outing with friends.

And all this, without the need to "stop by the house to change your shoes". They're so comfortable and versatile that you'll forget you're wearing them.

My size

To find out the best size for your feet, it's best to measure your feet in 1 minute at home and use the "Check your size" under the size selector or "My Size" button.

And if you don't get it right the first time, try the second time.

The system to change your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1,99€ (valid for Spain and Portugal).

Data sheet
Stack Height8 mm
Drop0 mm
Weight51-100 gramos
Minimalist FeaturesPura

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