Lems Primal Zen

Primal 2 or Primal Zen?

You've been wearing the Primal 2 for a while now. You're so comfortable that you wear them every day, but you find them too sporty.

Now you want something more urban but that still allows your feet to be comfortable and free.

That's why you'll love the Primal Zen.

Why are they called "Zen"?

It's easy. I'll tell you about it below.

Drop 0/Weight 184g/Stack Height 10 mm.

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Unisex Size USA


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*The Primal Zen are Unisex, so there is no difference between Men and Women. If you are a Man or Woman, choose the size according to the measurements in the table above.

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Compré las Lems para mi padre de 70 años, que tiene dedos en garra y pie cavo. Le encantaron, dice que son unos de los zapatos más cómodos que ha tenido en su vida.

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Son las primeras zapatillas de esta marca que compro. Tengo problemas para encontrar calzado que se adapte a mi anchura de pie, me aprietan todas las zapatillas y me terminan doliendo. Es el primer calzado CÓMODO que tengo, al tener la horma ancha me resultan perfectas. Respecto al asesoramiento del personal de Zami un 10. Les expliqué el problema que tengo y me recomendaron la talla.

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I\'ve purchased this one in "slate" around 5 years ago when my minimalist journey began, hence I own a ton of different shoes (Lems, Xero, Merrells mostly) and the Primal 2 is the one I always come back to. They are just like a comfy, cushiony cloud embracing the foot with enough cushion to casually walk long distances around town as well as all other sufaces as long as it\'s not too cold or slippery. I\'ve lost the fear of getting wet feet a while back, so rain is not the issue, but cold very much is as is with any other mesh fabric shoe. They are just awesome and I\'ll get myself some more in different colors soon.
Go for one size up!

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Como siempre Lems, perfectas. Cómodas, ligeras e ideales para gente de 90 kilos. Ojo a la talla, siempre elegir la talla USA que usáis en Lems, no es fieis de la talla UE.

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El calzado más cómodo que he probado.

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More info

Why do the Lems Primal Zen help you strengthen your feet while matching all your clothes?

Because the Zen is shaped like a FOOT:

  • They are flat (no heel lift) and excellent flexibility in any direction.
  • They have no reinforcement in any area or footprint control, so there will be nothing to cause you any chafing or discomfort. They feel like a glove.
  • They are wide, so that your toes have plenty of room to move.

Still wondering how wide they are?

Well, that's fine. I propose you the following visual game:

Look at your foot, which one does it look like?

Lems last

If they look like the ones on the left:

That's how comfortable you will look when you wear them.

This way you avoid chafing, bunions and other problems such as Morton's neuroma, etc.

If your feet look like those on the right:

You probably have bunions (or the beginning of bunions) or the crowding of your toes is very severe.

Therefore, in addition to using the Zen, using the Correct Toes corrector will help you to recover the correct alignment of your toes: Correct Toes.

You can wear them inside your Zen while working, walking, exercising or resting comfortably on your couch.

What your Primal Zen is made of:

  • Their combination of microfibre and breathable mesh ensures that the airflow doesn't stop. So your feet can breathe and stay cool.
  • The inside is lined and seamless. So you can wear them without socks without any problems.
  • The tongue is attached to the rest of the body so it will never move from its place.
  • Slightly elasticated laces: they will give you an accurate and mobile fit. The fit will move with your feet.
  • They have a removable 3 mm thick natural cork insole. Remove it for more ground feel or leave it in for extra comfort and thermal insulation.
  • 100% Vegan


The basis of all its magic, the Sole. The perfect combination of comfort, sensitivity and protection.

  • Its 10mm thick sole gives extra protection and a wide base contact with the ground, so that your feet feel free and stable in every step.
  • In addition to giving you high comfort and optimal protection, the sole thickness interferes just enough so that you don't lose sensitivity to the ground. You know where you're stepping at all times and have full control.
  • The flat polygon pattern gives you traction and grip on a multitude of surfaces. All this without losing flexibility, so that your movements are fluid at all times.


Why are they called Zen?

Simple, with such comfortable footwear, it seems that your worries will have disappeared.

At least those related to your feet.

This minimalist trainer is ready for you to "walk" the city from one end to the other in style, any time of the year.


My size

The right thing to do is to measure your foot and use the button next to the size selector.

And if you don't get the first one right, the second one.

The system for changing sizes is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1.99 euros (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Data sheet
Stack Height5-10 mm
Drop0 mm
Weight151-200 gramos
Minimalist FeaturesPura

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