Sticker 6. Running barefoot is a 2 million year old fashion

Minimalist Sticker Collection #6. Running barefoot is a 2 million year old fashion.

That phrase is from Dr. Lieberman, researcher and professor at Harvard University.

Another person who has been most influential in spreading the word about the benefits of going barefoot.

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Daniel Lieberman. Professor Barefoot.

Researcher and professor at Harvard University who in his work published in Nature in 2004 says

Humans are the animal species that can run the longest.

We are not the fastest animal, but we are the most resilient.

And this resistance has allowed us to hunt and explore new territories.

In other words, before Nike, man also ran, and for millions of years he ran barefoot.

And without an inner tube or mattresses.

And he only needed two things: his feet. The same as yours, but more trained, more savage.

Another thing Lieberman discovered was that the way of running changes if you wear shoes with heels (drop here).

If you like running, you will like the following video, where they explain and analyze why when you land from the heel the impact is greater than if you land from the forefoot.

And do not forget to download the Guide to Learn the Natural Race Technique ... it's FREE !!!

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