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Minimalist Stickers Collection # 5. The only one, the first. Running is Feeling. Zola Budd ran throughout his sporting life barefoot, breaking world records and winning championships, and all this in full blast of the shoes cushioned. A hero of her day!

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Running barefoot reduces the chances of a sports injury

Scientists from the universities of Granada and Jaén have shown that barefoot running, if properly done, greatly reduces the chances of an athlete suffering injuries, as it produces significant changes in The type of foot support, regardless of the runner's speed.

Running barefoot encourages the acquisition of a more efficient technical biomechanical career pattern, such as initiating contact of the foot with the ground in the metatarsal area (advanced support). The use of the usual modern protective footwear encourages the opposite technique: to initiate contact with the ground with the posterior part of the foot (calcaneal area, delayed support), which generates important impact peaks that have a negative effect on the health and sports performance of runner.

The growing interest in running barefoot or in minimalist shoes is supported by a number of runners, which continues to grow, as well as by many researchers who are exploring the advantages and disadvantages of this form of locomotion.

Footwear used by humans over the last few millennia can be classified as clearly minimalist, whose fundamental element was the implementation of protective soles. During the last three decades, there have been advances that have radically changed the design of functional elements in sports shoes: padded socks, movement control technologies, technologies to optimize damping capacity, etc. The advantages of these recent technological advances in sports footwear are not such and all they manage to do is to increase the number of runners who are injured annually.

Full article on Effects of 12 weeks of barefoot running onfoot strike patterns, inversion–eversion and footrotation in long-distance runners.

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