Merrell Trail Glove 7 Kids

The Merrell Trail Glove 7 Kids renew so that nothing can stop them from growing.

And that gives you peace of mind.

The peace of mind of knowing that their feet are protected but free.

So that they continue to receive the stimuli they need for their feet, ankles and legs to grow healthy and strong.

Just as nature designed them.

Drop 0/Weight 150g/Stack Height 11mm.

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Preciosos tenis para mi peque de 10 años. Cómodas, bonitas y justo lo que esperábamos. Falta que las use mucho para poder opinar a largo plazo …

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Zapatilla cómoda todo terreno aunque más frágil que sus antecesoras. En menos de seis meses se han empezado a abrir los laterales. Debo decir que las usa mucho en monte.

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Son fabulosas! Mi hijo de 5 años tuvo dos pares de la versión anterior y ahora éstas. Dice que se agarran solas y no se las quiere quitar nunca.

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Mucho más resistentes que los antiguos merrel, aunque un poco menos flexibles

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Mi hijo está encantado con la nueva zapatilla. Se agarra en la roca por lo que es ideal para hacer trekking. Repetiremos seguro!

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Merrell Trail Glove 7 Kids.

The shoes that make them happy while they play. And to you, peace of mind.

Feet are the basis of our body and our movement.

They are where the steps on this path called life.

That's why we must avoid any barrier that could stop, deform or weaken them.

This way they will go as far as you and your little ones want to go. That is why it is so important that they develop correctly.

Shoes that limit, squeeze and don't allow them to feel affect the structure of their feet, and consequently, the rest of their body.

Just think how weak the roots and trunk of a tree are when growing in a pot, compared to how strong they are when growing in the wild.

That's why the Trail Glove 7 Kids give you peace of mind that their feet won't be in any "pots".


Because they're designed just like nature designed their feet (and yours):

  • Wide last for their toes: So they have room to expand freely. So that nothing deviates them from their natural position. Preventing chafing, riding toes, claw toes or the formation of bunions.
  • Flat or without heel elevation: so that their posture will be the most natural, so that nothing interferes with the curvature of their spine during their development.
  • Very light: so that their foot movements are more fluid and reactive to any circumstance or terrain. You will be able to feel every stone, every branch and avoid false steps that could cause sprains or falls.
  • No reinforcements: all parts are flexible, there is no element that interferes with the movement, rotation or rotation of the foot and ankles. More mobility = stronger feet and ankles!

So your little ones will only have to worry about one thing: laughing and playing.

And you, to share those moments with them.

Maximum freedom in their feet = Maximum development = Maximum happiness.

So easy to put on that they will put them on themselves.

Their elastic lacing system and velcro strap make them quick and easy to put on.

Don't worry, there's no necessary to tie the laces.

Just open the velcro, put the foot in and close it.

So your little ones will learn in a second, so you won't have to be on top of them checking if they've put them on properly.

Like putting on a glove!

A sole that won't stop them from exploring.

The Trail Glove 7's outsole is designed to be enjoyed on a multitude of terrains.

Its small, multi-directional lugs allow them to go on the street, in parks, on trails and in the mountains.

Even at school!

So you can wear them for longer and therefore benefit more:

  • Stronger feet. The more ground you walk on, the more you stimulate your feet and strengthen your leg muscles without even noticing it.
  • Increased brain development. The balanced thickness of the sole allows them to continue to pick up signals from the terrain while protecting them from the elements, stimulating the brain and aiding their development.

How to care for your Merrell Trail Glove 7.

  • Wipe them with a soft, damp cloth.
  • Remove dust, mud, salt, etc. immediately after soiling to prevent drying.
  • Whenever possible avoid washing in the washing machine with hot water and detergents. If there is no other option, machine wash in cold water and leave to dry in the shadow.

My size

To find out your size, the right thing to do is to measure your foot and use the button next to the size selector.

And if you don't get the first one right, the second one.

The system for changing your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1.99 euros (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Data sheet
Stack Height11 mm
Drop0 mm
Weight150 g
Minimalist FeaturesPura

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