Lems Chelsea Boot Waterproof

You can't stretch summer any longer. You look out the window and see how the leaves fall.

You've been wearing sandals all summer and your feet have gotten used to the good things of having space.

Now the question is obvious: how can you continue to respect the shape of your feet in winter?

The Lems Chelsea Waterproof have the answer.

I'll tell you below.

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*The Chelsea Waterproof are Unisex, there's no difference between Man and Woman. As if you are a Men or Woman, choose the size according to the measures of the table above with your longest foot measure in centimeters.
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Las llevo usando un par de meses y estoy muy contenta con estas botas. Me mantienen los pies calientes. Me resultan muy cómodas y prácticas para poner en el día a día y se ven bonitas. E inclusive un par de veces que he salido a dar un paseo por el campo las he llevado sin ningún problema. Para un trecking suave son perfectamente válidas. Además se limpian muy bien. Tallan un poco más pequeñas que las Lems Primal 2.

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Botas inmejorables. Las mejores botas que he llevado. Ligeras, waterproof. Como sino llevaras nada.

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Wonderful shoes, really amazing quality. Check your correct number, they run as your normal size!
I usually wear 38 / my feet is 25cm, I ordered a 39 but runs so big. I\'ll reorder my size, they\'re so good!

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More info

The boot to make you feel like you're wearing sandals in winter.

Lems Chelsea Waterproof.

That's right.

And that's how it happens every year.

Summer is over.

But there you are, in October, trying to stretch your chewing gum as long as possible.

You're already getting weird looks in the street, you're still wearing sandals even though you pass your neighbours wearing turtlenecks and a little kimono.

But you look so good in sandals that you don't want anything else.

You're used to it:

  • To that wide front.
  • To being flat so that your posture is natural, without tension.
  • To them being so light...

What are you going to do now?

This is where the Lems Chelsea makes sense.

With them you can make the transition to a boot (and an elegant one at that) that still respects the shape of your feet and has those qualities that your feet have grown accustomed to:

  • To that Wide forefoot. Getting your feet to move freely inside and not be squeezed. Improving the comfort and the feeling of not wearing anything.
  • To be flat so that your posture is natural, without tension. Also avoiding incorrect distribution of pressure such as that produced when wearing heel lifts, which causes problems such as fasciitis, metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma, etc.
  • To the fact that they weigh so little. So that you don't carry too much weight on your feet, avoiding dragging your feet and having more control in each stride.

And they are also very water resistant.

Lems Chelsea Waterproof

So you'll be prepared in case you get caught in a downpour in the middle of the day and didn't take an umbrella.

The Chelsea Waterproof are made of high quality oiled leather perfect for keeping your feet as warm as possible and insulated from the cold.

On the inside, the waterproof membrane is activated to keep your feet protected from any sudden changes in weather or rain.

So you don't have to check the weather forecast every half hour on your mobile phone.

Just go out and enjoy.

Every step will also be almost a massage for your feet. Their removable 3.5mm insole gives you extra comfort and insulation from the cold ground.

Although if it's not so cold, you can remove it to increase the barefoot feeling.

Something you and your feet will love.

Lems Chelsea Waterproof

Easy to put on and take off, plus they give you a touch of class.

Putting on your Lems Chelsea is as simple as grabbing the pull tabs, opening a little and slipping your foot in.

That's it.

Can anything be that easy to put on?

And to take off?

You won't have to bend over every morning to tie the laces.

And once they're on, you get a clean and stylish look with any outfit and in any situation: at work, at an event or having a drink with your friends.

All this versatility makes the Chelsea Waterproof your favourite boot every autumn-winter.

Lems Chelsea Waterproof

With a sole that likes to be in the city, but still allows you to get away from it all.

The Chelsea's 9.5mm one-piece Lems sole gives you an all-terrain feel when you put them on.

This thickness allows for optimal protection while interfering just enough so that your feet can still feel.

This balanced thickness is ideal for city living as well as somewhat more natural and simple environments.

Helping the gradual recovery of those who have discomfort such as Morton's neuroma, metatarsalgia or fasciitis.

In addition, underneath, the logitudinal and transversal lines improve grip on different types of surfaces, even wet, while providing flexibility.

Health, and now style, starts with your feet.

My size

To find out the best size for your feet, it's best to measure your feet in 1 minute at home and use the "Check your size" under the size selector or "My Size" button.

And if you don't get it right the first time, try the second time.

The system to change your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1,99€ (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Data sheet
Stack Height9mm
Drop0 mm
Minimalist FeaturesPura
Waterproof?Yes, waterproof

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