Xero Shoes Ridgeway

From the outside: they look like they come straight from the 80s.

But inside: it comes from the future.

A future where boots are not heavy, do not cause friction, do not bother.

A boot that allows you to use the best of all technologies: your feet.

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Xero Shoes Ridgeway

The retro boot that unleashes the most powerful technology you have: your feet.

Your friends have told you so.

Your brother-in-law too.

Even the "best mountaineering boots for mountaineering" mountaineering blog you googled.

The best boots are "these" because they have:

  • Rock-crushing mega-heel sole,
  • Reinforced round toe rock-proof toe cap
  • Lined with Everest cold-proof insulation technology...

And a whole list that in your mind justifies its price even if you haven't heard about anything.

A list that in the end you say, "well it will have to be good."

So you get the hang of it and put on that thing that weighs a hundredweight.

And at the end of the route, the real list begins:

  • Blisters and scrapes
  • Black toenails
  • Aches and pains all over...

At least you didn't hurt yourself on the rocks. Yes, but you've broken your insides.

This should be the opposite.

Why should it be?

Because you already have all the technology to get around rocks, stones, mountains and tundras: your feet.

And the Ridgeway takes that into account.

That's why they have the latest technology but just enough for the real thing to do its job:

  • Room for your toes to spread freely and give you stability in every step. For you and your knees.
  • No heel lift. So that the pressure and weight is distributed all over the foot and not in the forefoot area. Which is what happens when you wear heel lifts.
  • Light and flexible. So that the only weight you carry is what you decide to put in your backpack and your feet and ankles are free to move and adapt to any inclination of the terrain. Increasing your stability in every situation.


Why are they so comfortable?

Because they have no lateral reinforcements, so that their flexibility is maximum and your feet can move in all directions in every step, crag, climb and descent.

Because that's true comfort. The one that comes from letting your feet do what comes naturally: bend, move, flex and feel.

Because in addition to all of the above, the sole provides protection and ground feel thanks to Xero Shoes' balanced TrailFoam outsole.

They'll be your refuge from the water

As you can see, the Ridgeway are not only stylishly retro and blend in with your feet like a second skin, they also have a waterproof membrane that keeps water away so that your feet stay just as dry as they were to begin with.


The Ridgeway is the answer to what a hiking boot should be like

A boot made for your feet, not a boot where your feet deform inside it.

Lightweight, robust and simple, where your feet are the real protagonists and you enjoy the route and what awaits you the next day with total peace of mind and without discomfort.

Health and enjoyment in hiking also starts with your feet.

They are the ones that carry you everywhere. Use them freely!


My size

To find out the best size for your feet, it's best to measure your feet in 1 minute at home and use the "Check your size" under the size selector or "My Size" button.

And if you don't get it right the first time, try the second time.

The system to change your size is simple, fast and free if you activate the exchange insurance for 1,99€ (valid for Spain and Portugal).

For more information on fitting, read this link.

Data sheet
Stack Height6 mm
Drop0 mm
Weight289 g
Minimalist FeaturesPura
Waterproof?Yes, waterproof

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