Zauri Activity Balance Bar - 100 cm

Do you want to keep your balance even if you are 80 years old?

Use the ZaUri bar and you will not only improve your balance.

A powerful and simple tool that brings you benefits both mentally and physically.

Integrate your feet, hips and brain in the same workout.

Play with your family, train with friends and test yourself.

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La barra es de buena calidad y los soportes encajan a la perfección. Le encuentro un único contra, la barra puede girar un poco al resbalar en los soportes. Yo lo he solucionado poniendo gomas de pollo alrededor de la barra para generar más fricción.

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Balance and Activity Bar

Do you want to keep your balance even if you are 80 years old?

Training on the ZaUri Balance Bar solves two current problems:

  • The mental problem of concentrating on a single task.
  • The physical problem of strengthening your feet, stabilising your body and maintaining your balance.

Why is it important to train your ability to concentrate?

Because we are in the age of distraction and attention has become a limited resource.

Working on concentrating and controlling your mind is important for your mental health.

Why is it important to work on balance?

Because you use the stabilising muscles that you don't usually train, which is very important for you to avoid falls, move with ease and prevent injuries.

It also works the muscles of the foot, which are normally underdeveloped.

Barra de Equilibrio Zauri

More fun than it sounds.

Play with your family and challenge your friends.

Take it with you everywhere: at home, in the park, at the gym... and challenge your friends or yourself.

Play, force your body to improve and explore variety and diversity:

  • On one leg
  • Crouch down with every step
  • Walking backwards
  • With your eyes closed
  • With earplugs in your ears
  • With weights in your hands
  • Making turns ......

Barra de Equilibrio Zauri

Don't give up, start again and repeat.

The balance beam is the perfect tool for you to practice the 'start again' mental model.

Each time you lose your balance you can get frustrated and give up, or you can take a deep breath and try again.

With each repetition you will gain confidence and boost your willpower.

There is no point in giving up. If you fall, try again, but pay more attention.

Barra de Equilibrio Zauri

Materials and dimensions

Length and diameter: 100 cm x 4.5 cm.

Material: Solid beech wood.

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