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Drop 0/Weight 110g/Stack Height 3mm. Primus Trail Kids is the most versatile option for a child, so he can play in the sand, in the mud, in the stones and in any terrain he puts in his adventure. Always with all the minimalist options that come with it, drop 0, flexible and without padding. 100% vegan.

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Las zapatillas son ideales para terreno inestable, no me gusta el cierre con cordon elastico, pero es la unica opción barefoot para este tipo de terreno en tallas menores al 30

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Looking for a shoe that lets their feet move freely, respects their growth and that they can use for EVERYTHING?

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail II.

The vivobarefoot Primus Trail is the model your kids will always wear: at school, in the park, in the countryside, in the mountains, ... they'll have it all in a single shoe.

You will no longer have to think about what to wear depending on the activity they are going to do.

No more trying to convince them to wear different shoes depending on the day of the week.

The Primus Trail II is suitable for all day, all 7 days of the week.


Why won't they want to take them off?

Because they ARE like their feet:

  • Their FOOTSHAPE is WIDE: So your toes have room to expand freely and nothing deviates your toes from their natural position. Avoiding chafing and the formation of premature bunions.
  • FLAT: as they have no heel, nothing will interfere with the curvature of their spine during their development. Reducing the possibility of generating infantile scoliosis.
  • Very LIGHT: their light weight makes foot movements more fluid and reactive. Unlike heavy conventional footwear that hinders them and "puts them to sleep".
  • NO reinforcements: all parts are flexible, there is no element that interferes with the movement, rotation or rotation of the foot and ankles. More mobility = stronger feet and ankles!


Soft on the inside and tough on the outside.

The Primus Trail II is designed to move like a second skin, respecting every contour and shape of your feet. Unlike conventional narrow, rigid footwear that compresses, deforms and chafes them.

On the inside:

  • They will feel tucked in and protected, but free!
  • The soft feel of the cotton collar around their ankles prevents any chafing. They will feel as if they are wearing a very flexible glove.

On the outside:

  • The recycled TPU elements of the Primus Trail II create a barrier in the areas that need it most: at the toe to protect the toes and at the sides to protect the foot.
  • You will feel protected from all elements: stones, rocks, rubbing, branches, ...
  • All while the breathable mesh allows for continuous airflow, ensuring that their feet breathe as they run, jump and enjoy themselves on any terrain.


A sole that helps develop their brain.

When we're little we all have the soul of an explorer.

We like to jump from rock to rock, climb trees, run from one place to another...

This movement is essential for development at this stage of life. And playing is one of the exercises that our brains love the most and makes us feel good.

So why limit it with heavy shoes and thick soles?

With the thin soles of the Primus Trail II, the opposite is true.

You'll be protected and grippy on any surface while your feet feel every texture of the terrain, continuously sending tactile stimuli to your brain:

More signals, more brain stimulation = more development!

What else is there in the Primus Trail II FG?

Data sheet
Stack Height8mm
Drop0 mm
Weight250 grams
Minimalist FeaturesPura

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