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The minimalist trail shoes for women are the best prepared shoes to run or move around the mountain or irregular surfaces, with many stones, mud or snow. Within the pure minimalist footwear are those that have greater thickness of sole to offer greater protection and the sole have lugs to favor the grip. The rest of the minimalist features are w...

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    Size :  37  37,5  38  38,5  39  40  40,5  41 

    Color :  Black  High Rise  Marine  Birch 

    Drop 0/Weight 227g/Stack Height 11,5mm.  If you're looking for a shoe for absolutely everything, stop looking. The Trail Glove 6 is made for all time use. New last, new fit and new materials. I'll tell you all about it below.
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    Drop 0/Weight 170g/Stack Height 8mm The V-Trek is a great tool for walking, hiking and trekking, with a nice stylish urban flare as well. The Flexible outsole featuring Megagrip provides the premium outdoor formula for grip in both wet and dry conditions.
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    Size :  37  38 

    Color :  Frost 

    Drop 0/Weight 420g/Thickness of Sole 10.5 mm. These waterproof boots are warm and cozy with plenty of room for your toes.They have a removable thermal insole, a sole with excellent grip and are flexible enough to walk and run in the snow.Winter is coming! Vegan.
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    Size :  38  39  39,5  40 

    Color :  Grey/Blue 

    Drop 0/Weight 250g/Stack Height 12 mm. Enjoy secure trail-hugging grip when you’re running and hiking. Thousands have taken our Mesa Trail shoe out on the trail, but when you want more grip, more traction, and a bit more protection, you’ll want the TerraFlex.  Vegan.
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    Size :  38  40 

    Color :  Dark Grey  Dark Brown 

    Drop 0/Weight 490g/Stack Height 6mm. Tracker Hi is the pure minimalist boot suitable for snow, made of high quality leather with waterproofing and thermal insulation treatments, so that the feet explore the wildest terrain with the maximum guarantee. With a renewed, resistant sole and with multi-directional studs to ensure maximum grip and traction.
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    Size :  36  37  38  39  40  41  42  43  44  45  46  47 

    Color Belt :  Black  Cream  Olive  Indigo  Pink  Turquoise  Brown 

    Drop 0/Weight 87g/Stack Height 11mm The ZaUri Centur is a multifaceted minimalist sandal that you will always want to wear. To its great minimalist virtues it is necessary to add a unique binding system that will surprise you with the ease of use and the quality of the adjustment. Light, comfortable and vegan. Some all-terrain to proof of thousand battles.
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    Size :  4  5  6  7  13 

    Drop 0/Weight 204g/Stack Height 11,5 mm  Everything you need to feel secure and protected on the trail, with none of the extra weight or bulk. The ultimate minimalist trail sandal, featuring our grippiest Vibram tread, a super flexible sole with the utmost ground feel and our patent pending Winged performance laces for an ultra adjustable, perfect fit....
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    Size :  4  5  6  7  13 

    Drop 0/Weight 255g/Stack Height 17,5 mm  Having honed the art of crafting trail sandals for years, we’ve combined all the best qualities into the Oso 2.0. It’s super aggressive, flexible, durable, grippy, and comfortable. From the epic and gnarly to the mellow and easy, the Oso 2.0 will keep you securely planted to the world in whatever terrain you find...
  • 93,00 € 120,00 € -27,00 € Product available with different options

    Size :  38,5  41 

    Color :  Black  Velvet Morning 

    Drop 0/Weight 200g/Stack Height 11,5mm. The Merrell Trail Gove 5 is the new trail pure minimalist sneaker, for lovers of great sensations on the mountain and now also redesigned for indoor and outdoor training.
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    Drop 0/Weight 136g/Stack Height 5,7mm. New FiveFingers for 2018! The V-Alpha is the ideal shoe for natural outdoor training, and is 100% true to the philosophy of Vibram FiveFingers: footwear that protects the foot, but allows sensory perception of the floor, performance and dexterity .
  • 69,00 € 79,00 € -10,00 € Product available with different options

    Size :  42  44 

    Drop 0/Weight 145g/Stack Height 11mm. The Huaraches Pies Sucios Nunche 4 is a trail sandal that recovers the original sole of the Pies Sucios Nunche that gave such good results in the previous versions. But maintaining a great flexibility and a light weight (145 grams for size 42) which makes its behavior is also excellent in the easy terrains. 100% Veganas.
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    Size :  38  39  40  41  42  43  44  45  46 

    Drop 0/Weight 102g/Stack Height 14 mm Pies Sucios Stone is a sandal for the most rugged terrain. Its 4 mm high studs transmit exceptional grip and great protection. They are very light and are easily molded. Incorporates Cromtex fabric to improve contact with the foot and the PS-Zip adjustment system. Ideal for the hardest trails. 100% Vegan
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    Size :  5  6  7  8  9  10 

    Color :  Black  Marrón  SantaFe 

    Drop 0/Weight 170g/Stack Height 10mm. The new Xero Shoes Z-TRAIL women's shoe goes one step further. Its FeelLight 10 mm sole offers unprecedented protection and traction. They dry quickly and with each step you take they keep their foot in place without abrasion. Resistant to water.
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    Size :  40 

    Color :  Glowing Ember 

    Drop 0/Weight 250g/Stack Height 8mm. The lightest and most minimalist option for running on hard, rocky, wet or dry terrain.With a totally renewed sole, very resistant and with multidirectional cleats that guarantee the maximum grip and traction.High flexibility and functionality so that each step feels unique.Vegan.