It's normal, until it happens to your son

It's normal, until it happens to your son

When you get used to foot pain, you think it's normal, even if it's not.

You also think it's normal for your big toe to bend, or even end up with a bunion.

If your heels hurt, or your pads hurt, or if you get calluses and chafing... you see that as normal too.

But all this stops being normal when it's your child who complains.

The thing is that this year many mothers have come to the shop with children with adult feet.

That is, deformed.

Let me explain.

Their feet are soft and their skin is still as smooth as peaches in syrup.


Some have distorted big toes, others have middle toes mounted or clawed, and all their feet look without strength, weak, like plasticine.

And even more so, because at certain early ages they even have the beginnings of bunions.

Just as you read it.

Why do children so young have their big toes turned inwards?

All mothers who have passed through the shop, even my cousin with her son, say the same thing:

'The deviation is inherited'

But no.

It is not inherited.

Only the shape of the shoes, which have all been the same for decades, is inherited:


With a raised heel.



The opposite of their feet.

And in there, they have no choice but to adapt.

Have you ever seen a square watermelon?


Well, that's just it.

They deform.

They say there is none so blind as those who don't want to see.

For others:

Bar3foot Sandal Cross

5 mm thick sole, so you can feel the ground and strengthen your bones.

No heel, no false rise, no drop, so that your back grows straight (how difficult this is nowadays).

And wide, so that the bunions stop being inherited and the toes in claws or mounted…

Health starts with your feet.

- Antonio Caballo

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