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  • Xero Shoes, Feel The world

    Xero Shoes, Feel The world

    The new sandals and sandals collection from Xero Shoes is totally inspired by the natural movement and barefoot. Like your feet, the Xero Shoes are made to bend, flex, move and feel. Of course they are considered pure minimalist shoes or 100% minimalist, so they respect the anatomy of the foot.Leer más

    03/27/2018 Shoes Review 0 9939
  • Merrell Barefoot. Spring 2018 News

    Merrell Barefoot. Spring 2018 News

    Merrell's shoes minimalist line is full of great surprises for 2018, as it incorporates new versions in the running shoes line and offers new minimalist shoes models for daily / casual use and for children.For many Merrell Barefoot are the best minimalist sneakers, and they do not lack reasons, since Merrell has always opted for minimalism providing great models that have been a reference in the minimalist world.Leer más

    03/10/2018 Shoes Review 0 12266

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