If a sprain causes you to fall, change your shoes

If a sprain causes you to fall, change your shoes

Today's topic is about falls and sprained ankles, and eventually you'll understand why.

But first I'll tell you what I saw in the series Beastmaster (Netflix).

Being the strongest, the fastest or the most agile is the dream of many children.

Maybe that's why my kids like this series so much, where athletes from different countries test themselves.

It is similar to Spartan or extreme running obstacle courses, but with more demanding challenges.

And in almost all the obstacles, balance is essential.

Very important.

That's why I wasn't surprised by the shoes most of the athletes were wearing.

What did strike me was the story of two brothers who competed at the highest level.

Mickael and Bassa were born in France, but a few years later their father took them to Cameroon, taking them away from their mother.

As soon as they arrived, their father burned all their memories.

He hated France and everything that reminded him of it.

Bassa says he did it to scare them.

What those children felt, only they can know.

Loneliness, abandonment, sadness....

Taking children away from their mother is the worst torture that little ones can suffer, and Mickael and Bassa suffered it.

After a while, their mother was finally able to take them back.

Back in France, sport was the balm that healed their wounds, climbing being their main activity.

And life went on....

Life is not about what you have done, but what you are doing'. Mickael said.

And they became so strong, fast and agile, that in their round they were both finalists.


Do you know what kind of shoes many athletes wear?

That's right. Minimalist type.

Merrell barefoot, New Balance Minimus,... and even training with minimalist sandals.


For them, the stability of their body is everything.

They can't fall over on jumps, or on turntables, or going up a slippery pipe.

So if you suffer from sprains or strains, the best thing you can do for your ankle is to give it a wide surface that's close to the ground.

The more space your toes have, the more stable your feet will be. Claw toes, crowded toes or bunions take away your balance. Your body is less stable.

And the thicker the sole of your shoes, the further your ankle is from the ground and the more likely you are to fall.

This was mentioned by Maria, who suffers from recurrent sprains and fell while dancing.

In rehab her physiotherapist had recommended flat shoes and she called us for advice.

'You know, balance starts with the feet,' she tells me with a smile.

That's why Maria and most of the Beastmaster athletes wear flat shoes with thin soles.

That's why, and so that no matter what activity they do, they have control of their body.

One shoe with which you can do almost anything you set your mind to without losing your balance, the linearity of your toes, or modifying the curves of your back is the Xero 360.

Some say they are the most comfortable Xero shoe.

Others say they are roomy and durable.

And most agree that once you try them, you won't know what to do with the rest of your footwear.

Back to Mickael and Bassa.

Do you know what they say to each other before they start the trials?

We have to be strong.

As your feet:

Health starts with your feet.

-Antonio Caballo

Pd. A simple slip or sprain can cause you to lose your balance, sprain your foot and even fall.
Remember to wear wide, flat shoes with thin, flexible soles.
The Xero 360º does all of the above ... just like your foot.

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