heels make you old

heels make you old

Chanel's performance at the Eurovision Song Contest was 10 - how is it possible to dance at that speed in high heels?

Apparently she trained with them on a treadmill, and at the same time she was running, she was singing. Something I couldn't do no matter how much I trained. I don't have a voice and I don't have an ear.

And although dancing in high heels is not easy, neither is walking on a hard floor, and if not, just ask the woman who was in front of me last Saturday.

The thing went like this.

I was walking up the street with my family on cobblestones. My village is full of this kind of streets.

A little further up the street a young woman with an 8 year old boy holding her hand.

Then a car came along and the woman, who could hardly walk because of her heels, tried to climb onto the sidewalk, but she stumbled and almost fell.

Thanks to the fact that she was holding her son's hand, she was able to keep her balance.

'I almost fell over'.

'Are you Ok?' my wife asks.

The young woman doesn't answer, but says something mumbling, as if cursing inside.

'You're wearing new heels, aren't you,' Mari Carmen continues to ask.

Her heels have esparto soles and are at least 12 cm high.

'Yes', she answers. And she walks on, limping slightly on her foot and grumpy.

And in relation to these shoes, a customer told me that she has a 10-year-old daughter and that she gets all kinds of sick when she sees teenage girls with these stiff platforms.

Probably thinking about what will happen when her daughter asks for them.

This is the reality.

Aesthetics or fashion triumps the correct thing.

Although it's one thing to wear heels for a while, it's quite another to wear them every day. To look taller, younger or more attractive.

Even if it makes you functionally older.

When you can't walk because your feet, knees and back are broken.

Do you want to add a cane, a toe corrector and a weekly visit to the callisthodontist to your accessories?

That's it.

Now it's your choice.

Two options:

1. Look taller or have a good-looking bum.

Just look.

When you take off the platforms you'll be you again.

2. Be yourself now and always.

With your height, with your shapes.

But at ground level.

Option 1 is easy for you. Shoe shops are full of a multitude of models.

For option 2 it's a bit more difficult, but it's simplified in summer with a pair of sandals.

Minimalist, of course.

With little sole, although there are also some with a lot of sole, in case you need protection or need to look taller.

Completely flat.

Really, without looking like they are, which they are also available.

Very flexible.

Shoe shops are full of rigid sandals.

And for fashion, the coolest, the first, the Lunas Sandals.

All models, for women, men and children.

Health starts with your feet.

- Antonio Caballo

Pd. Sandals support the foot from behind, flip-flops don't and this causes claw toes.

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