The rescue of Balenciaga flip-flops

The rescue of Balenciaga flip-flops

How much money would you invest in your feet?

I mean giving them a chance to regain their strength, their flexibility, their ability to feel...

You see, a funny thing happened to me last summer.

I was on holiday with the family and so that the kids wouldn't get bored we visited nearby beaches. We travelled there and back in the same day. Spain is a real paradise and there are beaches with a lot of charm.

That day we went to a beach in Marbella. With our umbrella and cooler, but surrounded by beach bars that cost 10€ a bottle of water.

Then we saw something floating in the sea. From a distance it looks like a piece of wood.

When it's close to the shore, I send my children to catch it with a butterfly net. But they don't obey.

In my day, a simple glance from my father would have been enough to get them into the water like the devil running wild.

These are different times and different fathers. I don't feel like getting wet, but to set an example I go into the water.

When I catch it, it's quite heavy and the (toy) net almost gives way.

I leave it near the umbrella. It's a white flip flop with some seaweed and a big sign in front of it: BALENCIAGA.


The children start to look around with the flip-flop and see a small crab hidden in it.

They turn it over and on the sole there is another big sign: Balenciaga.

They pick it up: 'This is too heavy, dad', says one of them.

And they even put it on with my wife's reprimand.

Is this a good one' - asks the little one.

He doesn't mean the quality of the materials, but the benefits for the feet.

It's probably expensive," I reply.

But the sole is very fat.

It's very stiff.

It weighs a lot and to top it off, they don't fit at the back.

So they're no good.

Well, I'm fine.

If you want you can buy the Balenciaga flip-flop for 200€.

You will wear the heel without adjustment, so when you walk fast your toes will try to grab the flip-flop so that it doesn't slip off. Eventually those toes will curl up and look like claws.

Or if you want, you can give your feet a chance for 4 times less.

With sandals that will give your feet the strength, flexibility and sensory capacity they should never have lost.

Zauri Hanami Minimalist Sandals

With 7 mm thick sole.
Extra flexible.
Very light, only 67g per sandal.

And if you change the straps, every summer it will be as if you were wearing them for the first time.

Health always starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo.

Pd. There is another even cheaper way to give your feet a chance: Barefoot.

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