Merrell Barefoot. Spring 2018 News

Merrell Barefoot. Spring 2018 News

Merrell's shoes minimalist line is full of great surprises for 2018, as it incorporates new versions in the running shoes line and offers new minimalist shoes models for daily / casual use and for children.

For many Merrell Barefoot are the best minimalist sneakers, and they do not lack reasons, since Merrell has always opted for minimalism providing great models that have been a reference in the minimalist world.

Merrell Barefoot Running

The new Merrell models for 2018 are actually updates of existing models:

  • Merrell Bare Access Flex: transition shoe for asphalt, roads and soft trails.
  • Merrell Trail Glove 4: minimalist shoe for mountain and off-roads.
  • Merrell Vapor Glove 3: barefoot sneaker for asphalt.

By the end of summer and early fall we can acquire the Merrell Vapor Glove in more casual finishes, with leather finishes and contemporary fabrics, but for now we can continue enjoying the version for running the Merrell Vapor Glove 3 in different colors.

The Merrell Bare Access Flex and Merrell Trail Glove 4 if they evolve and incorporate new upper to give both sneakers a wide range of possibilities. We can find them in 3 terminations:

Knit finishing

The upper part is made in one piece with a knitted fabric of the same density for the whole shoe. This fabric provides comfort, flexibility and durability.

Merrell Bare Access Flex Knit

Merrell Bare Access Flex Knit

Merrell Trail Glove 4 Knit

Merrell Trail Glove 4 Knit

E-mesh finishing

The upper is a blend of breathable mesh and knit-based fabric that offers elastic characteristics while providing breathability and resistance. This termination is a mixture between the knit termination and the normal termination.

Merrell Bare Access Flex E-mesh

Merrell Bare Access Flex E-mesh

Merrell Bare Access Flex E-mesh

Merrell Bare Access Flex E-mesh

Normal finishing

It uses a breathable mesh that offers a great fit. The interior is lined and the mesh sticks to the foot like a second skin. They are the least resistant of the three models, but the finish that offers greater fit and breathability.

Merrell Trail Glove

Merrell Trail Glove 4

Merrell Bare Access

What Merrell Barefoot shoe should I buy?

Once you have clear the ground for which you will move with the shoes, the choice of footwear will depend on your preferences and the use you are going to give, remember:

  • Knit version: comfort and durability.
  • E-mesh version: versatility.
  • Normal version: fit and breathability.

Merrell Barefoot Casual

It has been a long time since Merrell launched a minimalist shoe for casual. His previous models of barefoot footwear were bestsellers and the new model Merrell Parkway Emboss Lace pretends to be.

As on other occasions Merrell has used the last and sole of the Merrell Trail Glove, providing a high quality leather upper with elegant and current finishes. The result is a minimalist pure footwear extremely comfortable and resistant that we can use daily.

Merrell Parkway Emboss Lace

Merrell Parkway Emboss Lace

Merrell Barefoot Kids

Merrell launches new minimalist sneakers for children with all the conditions to allow the correct development of the foot. It is a model very similar to the Merrell Bare Access Flex (for adults), in fact they are called equal, but those of children have a lower sole thickness so that their feet can pick up more tactile signals from the ground. Thanks to the new design of the sole can be used to run and jump on wet and dry land, such as asphalt, trails and soft trails.

Merrell Bare Access Kids

Merrell Bare Access Kids

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