When Elegance herself arrived at the shop wearing Skechers

When Elegance herself arrived at the shop wearing Skechers

The other afternoon, just when the sky decided to close in and release a seemingly endless rain, we received one of those unforgettable visits.

A lady, with an air of nobility and a touch of disdain in her eyes, came into the shop shaking her umbrella like someone shaking off boredom.

She was carrying a Louis Vuitton bag and a wide-brimmed hat, the kind you don't see any more, adorned with a pheasant feather.

If she had been wearing a fur coat (imagine a Dalmatian one), I'd swear that Cruella de Vil herself had decided to pay us a visit.

Everything made you think you were in front of a Spanish grandee, everything except her shoes.

She was wearing Skechers, yes, the ones we call "Estrechers" around here, completely black, to the point that the logo was camouflaged with the rest of the shoe. It was an obvious attempt to disguise a shoe that didn't fit in with his high-end outfit.

And therein lay the key: she had been forced to sacrifice style for an attempt at comfort, a clue to how much her feet were hurting.

But the most interesting thing came next.

It turns out that, at over 60 years old, she was in the middle of a recovery process to give her feet a new lease of life, following the wise advice of her physiotherapist Jesús Serrano, and she had come to ZaMi looking for shoes that would allow her to continue with her exercises and that wouldn't clash with her style.

And there I was, wondering what I could offer to someone who, until that moment, seemed to have everything... everything except comfort.

After a while trying on different models, all in black (because, of course, elegance has its codes), we found one that lit up her face.

And friends, it was as if the steep sky opened up again, but this time to let in a ray of hope.

For the first time, her gaze changed and she let out a faint smile.

Maybe it wasn't one of those toothpaste advertisement smiles, but I assure you that inside, she was beaming.

What was it that convinced her?

Maybe it was those elastic laces that make them slip on like a sock and effortlessly.

Or the incomparable softness of her skin.

Or perhaps the fact that, despite their comfort, these trainers don't lose an ounce of elegance.

And so, with them on, she left as she arrived in the rain, with new confidence in every step.

And although I insisted that her husband pick her up at the door, she proudly reminded me of her Galician heritage: "a little water won't stop me".

What did stop her was the pain in her feet, until she found the Feroz Jerica Leather at ZaMi.

The perfect balance between design, style and well-being.

So, if you ever think that elegance and comfort can't go hand in hand, remember the rainy afternoon when a noble lady proved that, with the right footwear, you can have the best of both worlds.


Health starts with your feet.

Antonio Caballo

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