Wearing heels... yes or not?

Wearing heels... yes or not?

Before when I was asked about wearing heels my answer was:

'No heels'.

But the perspective of time has taught me that it is more important what you do in your day-to-day life than in a specific moment.

And this has to do with the scene of the other day.

Ronda by night.

A central terrace on a September evening.

Next to a table with two couples of bikers. Three in black T-shirts with signs on their backs, and a woman in a white T-shirt.

They are in their 50s, and by the accent they are from Despeñaperros and upwards.

They're eating and drinking a lot. They're on their second bottle of red wine and start to raise their voices.

They talk about the military, about the college, about sex...

You've got me on 'bread and water' says one of them, looking at the woman in black.

And more than I'm going to have you she says.

Everything is normal.

The woman in white names a certain Manuela.

She speaks with a silly tongue and in a cocky way. With alcohol in full swing:

What the hell is she going to be happy! Manuela has her needs covered, but she's not happy. she says.

Yes, she is happy. She's making a life for herself replies her partner. A man with glasses, white hair and a ponytail.

A turd for you. She's not happy! says the woman in white.

The conversation turns to their daughter. She's separated and doesn't have the power.

I can't even see her... I've had her birthday present for two weeks she says as she leans back in her chair.

He speaks with sadness and resignation. The rest of the table try to cheer her up.

Suddenly there is applause.

In the street that crosses the centre of Ronda, runners from a night-time fun run are passing by.

The woman in white sits up in her chair and shouts: 'Running is for cowards'

How many times have I heard that phrase! I say to myself.

When I started running at university, some of my friends used to say it to me as a joke, until I learned that:

Yes, yes, .... is cowardly, but 'better a live hen than a dead cock'. Then they laughed and we changed the conversation.

The one in white stopped looking towards the runners and went on with her own thing:

The other day she goes and tells me that she's going to wear platform Converse for graduation. And I told her: No way Manuela, you have to wear heels.

The other woman, the black t-shirt one, says:

When I saw her the other day I told her: Manuela, neither black nor white, stick with grey. You don't have to choose between your father and your mother.

Your mother is a fucking great woman. She's so much funny.

And here is the question that interests us.

In life, things are neither black nor white. Sometimes there are greys.

Neither barefoot all the time, nor in high heels even for shopping.

If you like heels and you are going to an elegant gala, a wedding or a graduation, wear them.

But only for that time. Don't wear high heels to work even if you have to wear a suit.


Because heels make you:

  • Shortening of calf, soleus and Achilles.
  • They change your centre of gravity by increasing the pressure on one part of your knee.
  • It increases the pressure on the front part of your foot. If you have pain in this area, metatarsalgia, Morton's neuroma or rooster's eye, wearing heels literally kills you.
  • They cause bunions, crowded toes and claw toes. Both because of the increased pressure on the toes and because of the shape of the shoes. High heels often end in a pointed toe.

And this is also true for men, or did you think it was only for women?

Men's shoes for wearing with suits, chinos, blazers...

...have a heel?
...are narrow?
...are stiff?

Just like women's shoes.

That's it.

For fun: high heels (if you like them, of course).

And for day-to-day life, real shoes: the ones that don't hurt your feet.

Here are two alternatives to go elegant, although there are more:

Chelsea boots that are a must in any woman's wardrobe:

Vivobarefoot Fulham Leather

A low-cut boot to make the most of your feet while you walk or work with them:

Vivobarefoot Gobi II

Health starts with your feet without heels.

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