In my room I have a poster of Nike shoes

In my room I have a poster of Nike shoes

It's not a joke. Let me explain it to you.

Every night, Guillermo, my little son, gets out of bed and gets into my bed, between me and my wife.

As he sticks to me like a limpet, he doesn't let me sleep, he wakes me up and I have to go to his room.

And the door of that room has a poster of Nike shoes on it.

That poster had been stuck on the door for weeks, but I hadn't paid any attention to it.

Like when you see something you don't like and pretend you didn't see it.

The shoes in question are the Nike Air Jordan Dior.

A heavy, robust shoe, with a lot of sole and with a pointed toe.

The opposite of what a child's foot needs. And the opposite of the shoes you can see on this page.

The saying 'every man for himself, every woman for herself' is a truth as big as a temple.

And that's not the worst thing.

Lo PEOR con mayúsculas es que son las zapatillas que le gustan a mi otro hijo.

And this is where the problems, talks and negotiations begin.

This son of mine can fall asleep on his feet without falling over. He has a hobbit-like foot.

And no matter how much I buy him a size or two bigger, the fashionable Nike shoes are too small for him.

But of course, since his friends wear them and he wants to be one of the gang, I had to buy him a pair of Nike Jordans.

As the saying goes, 'when you're a father you'll eat eggs'.

Or the saying, 'if you don't want soup, a full cup'.

Well, that's it, a full cup and eating eggs.

Anyone who knows me won't believe it, but a son can be forgiven anything.
As if he tells me that he changes teams and becomes a Sevilla F.C. fan. Until then you won't see me at the Sánchez Pijuan watching the Palanganas.

Even so, we've come to an agreement. You'll only wear it on Friday afternoons when he goes out with his friends (a couple of hours once a week).

The rest with minimalist shoes or barefoot. He's only 10 years old and his feet are still growing.

He has several good ones, each one more beautiful than the last.

For school he uses these:

Primus School Junior

And for the rest of the time the Vivobarefoot Primus Sport II.

The health of children, and their parents, starts with their feet.

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