2 ways to avoid foot pain when you go to a wedding

2 ways to avoid foot pain when you go to a wedding

Going to a wedding and ending up with foot pain is normal.

And if you take your shoes off it doesn't look weird either.

Because of the foot pain, you know.

What's not so normal is going to a wedding and ending up without a jacket and without the bride and the gift for the bride and groom.

20 years ago, when the DJ was ending a wedding night with the music of Nino Bravo, I had one of the worst surprises you can have.

It was when I put on the jacket I had left on a chair. It had 'room' for two Antonios, it was too big for me every side.

It wasn't mine.

And when I reflexively reached into my inside pocket, the envelope with the gift from the bride and groom was gone.

And from the heat of dancing in a loop to the Macarena, the Paquito Chocolatero and Bisbal's Ave María, I broke out in a cold sweat that left me looking like a hypnotised fool and with the feeling that I had been robbed.

I don't remember how I told it to the bride and groom, what I do remember is that the hangover from the other day didn't last long.

I woke up as if I had had a nightmare and after several phone calls I found out that a friend of a friend might have had it.

When I arrived at his house, that friend was still asleep and I had to tell his mother what had happened. The lady went in search of the jacket and examined it closely and said:

'It's true, this is not my Francisco's.'

And she changed it for me.

For the sake of my economy (at that time I had less money than Barca this year) the gift from the bride and groom was still intact in the inside pocket.

Good. Let's continue talking about weddings.

The first thing when you go to one is to look for the suit.

Nothing keeps you awake at night like the day arriving and you don't have anything to wear. Especially if you are a woman.

And the second thing is the shoes. They have to be nice, they have to match the suit, and above all, they have to be comfortable.

Juan came to the shop for the second thing.

He already has several minimalist shoes, but he wants some elegant shoes.

He says that he loves dancing and on that day he has to hold on until the last guest left. He doesn't want to go home because his feet won't let him enjoy the evening. And because he has to dance with the bride.

Laughing, he says that he never takes off his jacket so as not to break protocol, but that sometimes he ends up without his shoes.

A nonsense, he says.

That's why he doesn't want to take off his shoes at this wedding. For this reason and because he is the best man.

We continue talking and he makes two comments to highlight:

  • To go through the pain of foot pain I'd rather buy minimalist wedding shoes and have them forever.
  • Women are very smart. They take off their heels, put on their Manoletinas and they go on with the party.

Two truths as true as temples. And besides, the first comment holds a secret of life.

Good times are short-lived. And as weddings usually leave us with moments to remember, it is better to enjoy them.

That's why you can't be without minimalist shoes.

So that you only remember the good moments and not the pain in your feet.

So that you don't have to take off your shoes or even your jacket.

Plus, these shoes last forever. It's one of the best purchases you can make.

You will be able to go to all the weddings in this life and they will be as good as the first day.

That's it.

To dress up, dance and go to the end without taking off your shoes:

Carets  Pain-Toes

Vivobarefoot Ra II Lux

Joe Nimble Biztoes

Lems Nine2five

And the ballerina flats for when you take off your heels:

Vivobarefoot Jing Jing

Xero Phoenix leather

Health, and good times, start with your feet.

- Antonio Caballo -

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