Don't put it on your feet if you have crooked toes

Don't put it on your feet if you have crooked toes

Last Thursday I was asked on the phone about insoles and claw toes.

Specifically about minimalist shoes where I could fit an anti-claw toe insole.

If you don't know, the shape of your toes influences the stability of your knees.

And this is important if you walk the recommended 10,000 steps, or even more so, if you run. Doing this without stable knees can make you get in troubles.

Not so much if you move little. Your toes and knees will be a secondary problem. But you will probably have other, more serious health problems.

The thing is that Miguel Ángel has clawed toes and he has been told that with an insole he can make them straight.

When I brought up the subject with a podiatrist friend of mine, he told me that the best way to make the toes straight is to use a toe corrector and, of course, a wide shoe so that the toes don't get squeezed.

That is to say, if you have claw toes or crooked toes, some will send you correctors and others insoles. For your sake, I hope you get the correctors.

I'm not going to go any deeper, but putting more stuff under the foot is not the solution. Especially if the insole is sturdy, thick and stiff.

We've already seen how important it is for your bones to feel the impact. And the more you put under your foot, the less you will feel.

And for your knees, it's key that your feet are stable and move in all directions without anything to stop them. And the closer your foot is to the ground, the more stable you are.

Where do you feel safer, on top of a scaffold or at ground level?

Apart from this, many podiatrists are recommending insoles with the use of minimalist shoes.

It doesn't seem to make sense, but it does.


Because they know that a conventional shoe modifies your foot and what they are looking for is that only their insole modifies your foot.

That's why they recommend minimalist shoes, because they know that these shoes don't modify your feet.


If you are looking for a comfortable, wide, minimalist shoe that doesn't affect your foot and you can remove the insole, Lems are the ones you like the most.

From waterproof boots, mid-boots, casual trainers and even dress shoes.

A collection so irresistibly healthy, you'll want to own them all. And that's when you see them in pictures, if you saw them live you wouldn't even doubt it.

Plus, they're so wide that you can wear them with toe correct toes. As many customers do while walking, shopping, working or even jogging.

To see all the Lems in pictures click here.

To see them live, by appointment on wasap: +34 693 714 444

And in this link the anti claw toe correct toes.

Health starts with your toes.

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