The change that made Rocío's life better

The change that made Rocío's life better

If you take away a foot's circulation it becomes a non-foot.

And if you enclose it in a narrow, stiff shoe, with a heel, it would not behave like what it is.

It would be as if you didn't have it,

as if you lacked it,

like a hoof.

It would be, a No foot.

What you have just read is related to Rocío.

She has circulation problems in her feet and asthma.

And she told us something that sounds strange, because she says that she didn't have feet before.

She used to see them, put boots on them and that, but they didn't work.

Her passion is walking in the mountains.

The combination of nature and physical activity relaxes her, makes her feel more like herself, as if a part of her being belongs to the mountains.

It is her escape route.

But because of some problems she ends the routes tired.

More than tired, exhausted.

She has always believed that asthma was to blame for this, that's why she couldn't be without her inhaler.

She also said that for her walks she wore stiff, high boots, because that's what she had always been told to do.

But at the end of the walks, her feet were swollen, and she thought that as her mother had circulation problems, she had inherited it.

But one day, when she was looking for a solution to her problems, she heard about minimalist shoes and after trying the Vivobarefoot Primus Trail, a pair of shoes for the mountains, she discovered that everything she had been told about the boots was a lie.

With the minimalist footwear, the circulation in her feet increased and her feet didn't swell again, and not only that, but she finished her hikes less tired and without having to use her inhaler.

After telling us all this, she asks us for a shoe for her mother.

For everyday use.

For her to go shopping, she says with a laugh.

And as we are delighted with the latest arrivals, Rafa does not hesitate to recommend the Feroz Jerica.

For their extra soft leather.
For their fine finishes.
For the sensations that you will feel every time you take a step with them.

And because health starts with your feet.

- Antonio Caballo

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