How to take care of the knees of an Irish rocker

How to take care of the knees of an Irish rocker

Today I'm going to tell you what happened to Angel with a couple of Irish rockers, and how even the most painted person worries about their health and their feet.

Angel says:

I was in the shop talking on the phone and I saw a young couple walk past the window.

You could tell they were looking for something because they were looking from one side of the street to the other attentively.

The girl pops her head out of the door and asks:

'Hello! Is this Zami, the barefoot shoes shop?'

'Yes, come in' - Angel replied.

When they come in, I was shocked because they were both dressed completely in black, looking somewhere between rocker and a bit gothic.

Hair, T-shirt, trousers and shoes. Even the nails.

All black.

After a while of chatting they tell me that they are from Ireland and that they are visiting Andalusia.

He plays guitar in a "progressive rock" band.

He shows me a picture of the band. They all wear black leather clothes adorned with spikes, high military boots and their faces are covered with monster masks, so realistic that they have nothing to envy to the best Hollywood productions.

Faced with this, I ask myself if they are really looking for minimalist footwear.

And then she tells me that she has knee pains.

She is a photographer for rock festivals and spends many hours on her feet, on the move, looking for the best angles.

During her confinement she put on a few pounds and when she went back to work her knee started to ache.

At first, the pain went away after a few days, but now he feels a twinge all the time.

Researching on the internet she found minimalist shoes and realised the great benefits they have for her knees.

And what are those benefits?

Because they are wide, your toes can spread out and give you more stability, both to the foot and to your knee.

Also, because they are flat, they don't change the position and inclination of your kneecap. So the weight is evenly distributed, everything works properly and doesn't pinch any ligaments.

Before I got her any shoes, she told me that as well as being minimalist, they had to meet two requirements: they had to be black and water-resistant.
In Ireland it rains a lot and at festivals there are puddles, so moving around is like doing a Spartan race.

Following these instructions, I got him the Xero Xcursion Fusion and the Vivobarefoot Magna FG.

When she tried them on, she was amazed at the feeling and insisted that his partner try one on.

He tried on the Vivobarefoot Magna Trail II, but with a textile upper, which also has a black sole.

His expression when he walked in them was a revelation.

He felt the freedom of his toes and it was clear to him. He would keep them, although he would paint the white Vivobarefoot logo in black.

When they left, I continued my internal dialogue:

The two Irish rockers with Magnas, who knew?

Ready to take pictures or play in a rock band.

They say that appearances can be deceiving, and so much so.

Even the most painted, even in black, worries about his health.

- Antonio Caballo

Ps: The band is called Sluagh, from Dublin.


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