The torture of your children's football boots

The torture of your children's football boots

Children's feet, nowadays, are a pending subject.

At an early age, we can already see injuries that only grandmothers used to have.

The main one, the loss of linearity of the big toe, and be careful, this is more important than you think.

It has been seen that with just a slight deviation there are already circulation problems, not to mention the increase in the number of bunions in men and women.

I am telling you this because this year I am coaching an 11-a-side football team of 12 and 13 year olds.

And although I'm having a hard time managing 22 pre-adolescents (1 adolescent is tough, 22 is not even close), the biggest problem is not this, but the feet.

Most of the children have their toes together, and some are so close that their toes look like two lovebirds on their wedding trip.


And that's not all.

Some have feet without structure.

Without strength.

Like porcelain doll feet, that is, lifeless.

And this can lead to knee problems.

You see.

When your child runs, the big toe is in charge of stopping the pronation movement of their foot.

If their big toe is not strong enough to stop that movement, their foot continues to turn inwards, and in that turn the knee goes along with it, punishing the inside of the knee.


Knee pain, bruised ligaments and, over time, damaged cartilage.

Let's talk about football boots.

It is common for a father to buy his son Cristiano Ronaldo's boots.

Without looking at the last, the flexibility, the reinforcements or the type of studs.

And what happens?

If you take the insole out of the boot and put your child's foot on it, you will see that the insole is missing everywhere.

That is to say, the only way for your child's foot to fit in the shoes is that it is pressed in, leaving the toes mounted, tight and deviated.

Flexibility is another chapter.

If you try to bend them, it will be difficult.

And if you can't do it with your hands, imagine your son with his feet.



There is only one way to solve the problems caused by football boots.

Let your child wear them for as little time as possible. Only for training and playing matches, the rest, you know, find a shoe that looks like a foot.

Bar3foot Elf Denver

Wide, so the big toe stays straight and the toes spread with every step.

Flexible, so your child's feet can move in all directions without restriction.

Proprioceptive, so that their feet feel the ground, adapt to it and have less damaging treads.

Your children's health and its growing starts with their feet.

- Antonio Caballo

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