What do I wish I had known when I started wearing minimalist shoes?

What do I wish I had known when I started wearing minimalist shoes?

This may be one of the questions I have asked myself the most over the years, because if I had known what I am about to tell you, I would have made the change sooner.

How something as simple as changing my footwear has made such a huge improvement in me and those around me.

"What if I'm making a mistake?

"Will I hurt myself?"

"What will happen to my feet if I wear shoes without "technologies"?"

These questions that I used to ask myself, I now hear them daily on the phone and by email.

And the fact is that our feet are still unknown, despite everything they are capable of doing for you.

That's why I'm going to leave here the 7 articles that have been most liked this year and that have helped people like you to rediscover their feet, to see the reality of today's footwear and how it affects them.

Here they go!

1. Flat feet and insoles? A classic that can't be missed and that people always ask about.

- Insoles don't work for flat feet.

2. Not even the Queen of Spain escapes the dreaded and painful metatarsalgia.

- A Morton's Neuroma at the age of 30 gives her the mobility of an 80 year old.

3. When you see a picture of a baby's foot...

- The image of your baby's foot that will make you change...

4. Nike never tells the truth, even if they spend millions trying to do so.

- Nike sells you cushioning and also sells you barefoot running.

5. This customer had a stroke and what his neurologist told him changed his life.

- If you have an ictus, I hope this neurologist treats you.

6. This podiatrist's vision will not leave you indifferent.

- If a podiatrist says so, it must be true

And how could it not!

7. If you try to justify your shoes with the brand or the price you are lost.

- 200 euros thrown away

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2023.

Antonio Caballo.

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